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"I'm a Ground Pounder. And I'm cleaning latrines one day, the next I might be up to my hips in blood hoping that I don't hear the round that takes me out. You got it?"


Private First Class Elizabeth "Dodger" Durman was a member of the Earthforce Marine Corps, or "ground-pounders".


In 2259, she served in the 356th Infantry Division under General Richard Franklin and was dispatched to Babylon 5, ostensibly as relief troops for Io, but in reality headed for the Sh'lassen planet Akdor as a part of Operation Sudden Death.

While on the station, she prevented a very drunk Private Kleist from assaulting Ambassador Delenn. As a result she met Security Chief Michael Garibaldi, with whom she had an instant attraction. Though she was only looking for a one night stand, her life being a dangerous one, she became annoyed when he mistook her intentions as looking for more. Realizing she overreacted, the two met up again at Earhart's just in time to enjoy a bar fight (once again precipitated by Pvt Kleist) though it was cut short as General Franklin and Sgt Maj Plug called the Gropos to muster. Garibaldi caught her just before she boarded the transport, saying he hoped to see her again when she next went on leave.

During the battle to take Matok, PFC Durman was killed in action alongside Privates Kleist, Yang and P.F.C. Large.[1]

Beyond the Veil[]

"Durman, Elizabeth, 56927. Killed in action, sir!"

Dodger to Captain Lochley, 2262

In 2262, she appeared to Garibaldi during the Brakiri Day of the Dead ceremony. Skeptical that she was really a ghost, he gave in and they enjoyed the night together, though they did not consummate their relationship. Despite being an avowed agnostic, it was enough for him to tell her "one day maybe we'll meet up in heaven." For her part, Dodger insisted that she still didn't believe in ghosts.[2]