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Madame Elizabeth Robinson was a President of the Earth Alliance in the mid-22nd Century.[1]

Robinson was President in 2156 when the Centauri made first contact with Earth, an event she credits with saving the Alliance. Up until that point, the EA looked as if it was on the verge of collapse with many of the Member States pulling in different directions and others using the increasingly controversial laws on telepath control and registration as a rallying point. Some states such as Amazonia, New Zealand, Japan and the Indonesian Consortium went so far as threatening to secede if President Robinson continued to push for a "universal" MRA.

On April 12, 2161, she asked Senator Lee Crawford to resign from the Earth Senate to take up the lifetime post of Director of the newly formed Psi Corps.

On February 9, 2163, Robinson completed her last term in office and stood down as EA President.[2]