Elizabeth Trent was a guild coordinator for IPX.

In 2261, she arrived at Babylon 5, despite the ban on travel to the station, to study the Thirdspace artifact. Upon her arrival at Babylon 5, she met with Captain John Sheridan, and agreed to his request for a large shipment of food and supplies in exchange for allowing her team access to the artifact.

The artifact, like it did to everyone else, soon began to influence her. Possibly due to her desire to be recognized and rewarded for discovering its secrets, she began to make number of unfounded assumptions about what the artifact was and what it could do. Trent theorized that Thirdspace could be a dimension that would be much faster than even hyperspace, allowing for almost instantaneous travel between destinations. When her co-worker Bill Morishi began to question all this, she shot him in the back. She even tried to attack Commander Susan Ivanova when she found out what she did. After the crisis was over, feeling guilty, she left the station saying she needed to return to Earth to reflect on what happened and if wanted to continue working IPX. [1]


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