The Babylon Project

Elizar was a techno-mage who became an operative of the Shadows at some point before 2258.[1] He was the apprentice of Kell.

In 2256 he had been tempted with knowledge of the Shadows returning by his teacher, Kell. While this was a gross violation of the bond between teacher and apprentice, Kell's hope was that Elizar would be the one Techno-mage capable of facing the Shadows. Instead, he became a pawn for them.

Elizar met both Isabelle and Galen on Brensil IV. Galen was suspicious, as he also sensed another Techno-mage on the planet, albeit at a great distance from where they were meeting. He comforted his suspicions by telling him it was Razeel.

Elizar sat with Isabelle and Galen at a restaurant to discuss the recent events. He discussed a conspiracy that Kell knew of the Shadow threat already, and was suppressing the information from the rest of the Techno-mage order. He attempted to sow the seeds of distrust in the Circle amongst the two, though they both demanded proof. They were suspicious of his claimed evidence because if it was true, they wondered why he did not just show it to the Circle. He continued to try and convince the two without providing any evidence, alarming Galen by insisting the two of them swear allegiance to him, until it was revealed he was working for the Drakh.

Tilar revealed himself to the three, telling Elizar that they had given every opportunity to Isabelle and Galen to join them, and proceeded to open fire at the two loyal Techno-mages. During the ensuing firefight, Isabelle was mortally wounded.