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"When he took me in after my father died, I spent most of my life being afraid of him because he was tall and powerful, and that voice..."

Galen speaking to Alwyn of Elric, 2267

Elric was a techno-mage and Galen's teacher.


In 2227 Elric established his place of power in the village of Lok, on the planet Soom.[2]

In 2237 Elric was assigned by The Circle to monitor the growth and development of Galen, the very young child of two techno-mages.[3][4] When Galen's parents died, Elric adopted the boy and took him as an apprentice. [5]

Elric traveled to Babylon 5 in 2259 along with other techno-mages on their way into a self imposed exile near the Rim before the outbreak of the Shadow War. There, Elric was approached by Vir Cotto on behalf of Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari, who was hoping for an endorsement to advance his own prestige (though Cotto didn't say as much).

Elric was also questioned by Captain John Sheridan about who and what they were, since Sheridan insisted that the Earth Alliance learn something about where Elric's group was going and why. Mollari also attended the meeting, angering Elric when it was apparent he was trying to set up a false photo op.

Afterward, Elric placed a series of spells on Mollari that caused him several hours of annoying problems related to his finances, files, and his quarters in general. After Mollari apologized, Elric withdrew the spells and warned Mollari that he is touched by darkness. He gave Londo a prophecy:

"When I look at you, Ambassador, I see a great hand, reaching out of a star. The hand is your hand, and all around I hear millions of voices crying your name."
"My followers?"
"Your victims."
– Elric, to Londo


Elric lived for nearly two years with the Techno-mages in hiding, after which he was killed while preventing another mage from escaping to serve the Shadows.[7]

Behind the Scenes[]

In the episode "The Geometry of Shadows", the Technomage is named Elric in what author Michael Moorcock called "clearly straight homage" to his Elric of Melniboné novels.