An Empath is a life-form with a very specific manifestation of telepathic abilities.

Though most telepaths have an innate empathic sense; a passive ability to sense emotions within a certain range and is often referred to as an "empathic range", the extent of which varies depending on a telepath's rating and ability. A pure empath is much rarer and can "push" emotions into other minds, affecting judgment and planting suggestions without the brute force control of a normal telepath.[1] The average empathic range for a PC rated telepath is around 20 to 25 meters.[2]

Abbai all have a very limited empathic sense, with which they are able to sense the feeling of other sentients, though the ability tends to be more pronounced in females. The consumption of Dinok has been proposed as a possible contributing factor for this racial trait.[3]

Soul Hunters also have an innate empathic ability that allows them to sense the oncoming death of other beings from very great distances and also allows them to empathically learn to speak the languages of races they come in contact with.[4][5][6]

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