The Babylon Project

The Enphili are a race whose homeworld is located on the edge of Drazi space. They are a simple people and their planet has several valuable resources.[1]

Their civilization was all but destroyed by Raiders, who descended upon them by at least 2252 and began demanding regular tithes from the Enphili on pain of genocide. In early 2262, the Enphili refused to pay any longer and hid away everything that the Raiders usually took. Through a Ranger, they found an ear to the Alliance and asked for help and membership. A fleet of White Stars was sent to their planet and dispatched the Raiders. Thanks to Byron Gordon, leader of a group of human telepaths living on Babylon 5, it was revealed that the Drazi government had been secretly supporting the Raiders, keeping less advanced worlds on the edge of Drazi space under their thumb while officially keeping their hands clean.

Since Delenn and Sheridan have received their message to join the alliance and the Drazi ambassador has promised[1] to never "bother them again", it can be assumed that the Enphili have joined the Interstellar Alliance.