The Enphili Homeworld (or simply Enphili) was a low-tech planet at the very edge of Drazi space and home to the Enphili civilisation.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In 2252 the Enphili civilization was decimated by a force of raiders who destroyed their cities and crop fields, imprisoned or killed the Enphili leadership leaving the people with barely enough to survive. Twice each year the raiders would return and take what they wanted, keeping the native population impoverished and without means to defend themselves or rebuild.

Raiders over Enphili

In 2262, after a decade of oppression, the Enphili who had heard of the new Interstellar Alliance decided to fight back; hiding away their precious resources and in retaliation the raiders began bombing the Enphili's settlements. The Anla'Shok got word of the attacks and a human Ranger arrived to investigate. Once on the surface in the midst of the bombings he met with Verchan who told him of their plight, of their desire to join the Alliance and that they had learned that in twelve days the raiders will return in force.

The Ranger escapes onbaord White Star 90 but the ship is severely damaged on the way out and just barely makes it to Babylon 5. Once there the dying Ranger is scanned by the resident commercial telepath Lyta Alexander who finds what he has learnt and informs ISA President Sheridan and Entil'Zha Delenn. Sheridan quickly arranges to send the entire White Star fleet to the Enphili homeworld after linking up with a Drazi fleet along the way. However, Byron Gordon, a rogue telepath on the station happened to pick up on the surface thoughts of Ambassador Vizak and informs Lyta that the White Stars are heading into a trap. Indeed the Freehold had been supplying the raiders with weapons, ships and support equipment so that they would go after all the independent worlds at the edge of their territory in return for a share of their acquisitions. With the Alliance on its way in the Drazi plan to ambush the White Star fleet and wipe out the Enphili to cover up any evidence of their involvement.

Enphili settlements under attack

Sheridan orders the fleet to not wait for the Drazi but to press on to Enphili and take out the raiders. The White Stars quickly overwhelm the vastly outmatched raiders and destroy all the ships before they can even transmit a distress signal. With the attacking forces gone, the fleet takes up defensive positions around the planet and by the local jumpgate, lying in wait. Meanwhile Sheridan and the Advisory Board show what they have done to the Council ambassadors, confronting Vizak with what they have learned about the Freehold's involvement and allows the Drazi ambassador to recall his fleet before they walk into an ambush themselves.

After a few weeks guarding Enphili, the ranger fleet returns to Babylon 5 to aid in the defence of the station against an alien assault.[2]

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