The Babylon Project

Enrique Montoya was a Human member of the Anla'Shok and Captain of White Star 27, which he renamed "Maria" in honour of his late sister.

In 2262 he was assigned to patrol the region near the Centauri border while at the same time engage in training exercises for the new Anla'Shok recruits. He and Lennier would form a bond of understanding of sorts during their mission, though Montoya lamented that he may not be able to teach Lennier anything due to his past experience. He went along with Lennier's plan to save Findell from his own doubts and from public embarrassment after he tried to intentionally take his own life during a training mission.[1][2]

Montoya conferred with Lennier about his mission to look into the attacks on Interstellar Alliance shipping lanes. He was then ordered to head back to B5 by President John Sheridan when he learned that Delenn had sent Lennier into such great danger. Montoya complied, but also found out that Lennier left the ship in a Nial fighter to continue his search. Shok-na Montoya turned back to search for Lennier, and asked other White Stars to help the search, but he had to inform Delenn and Sheridan that Lennier's fighter had not been found and that his air supply would soon run out. Ultimately however, Lennier was found alive at the sight of a Centauri attack on Brakiri vessels, with the proof the Alliance needed, and the White Star 27 brought him back to Babylon 5.[2]