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Entil'Zha John Sheridan with former Entil'Zha Delenn, 2281

"You may assume the title and function as Ranger One, but not the designation of Entil'Zha until you can prove yourself worthy of that title."

Satai Neroon to Sinclair, 2259

Entil'Zha was the title originally held by Valen when he formed the Anla'Shok (the Rangers).[1]


The exact meaning of "Entil'Zha" is unknown, but is believed to have been derived from Vorlon.[1] Subsequent leaders of the Anla'Shok after Valen took on the title of Anla'shok Na ("Ranger One").[2][3] , this was to honor the memory of Valen. This tradition continued for 900 years until Jenimer requested that Jeffrey Sinclair take on the title and reunite Entil'Zha with Anla'shok Na.

After Sinclair left with Babylon 4 and travelled into the past to become Valen, Rathenn convinced Delenn to become the new Entil'Zha, over the objections of Alyt Neroon.[4][5] She held the title for almost twenty Earth years, seeing the Rangers through to the end of the Second Shadow War and transforming them into a force for peace for the Interstellar Alliance at the end of 2261.[6] Delenn also opened up membership to not only humans but all ISA races and quickly found recruits from Abba IV, Zhabar, Narn, Pa'ri and even Pak'ma.

In 2279, Delenn stood down as Entil'Zha when she was elected as the new ISA President with her husband and former ISA President John Sheridan becoming the Entil'Zha in her place. After Sheridan disappeared at Coriana VI in 2281, he was the last Entil'Zha, though in his place General Susan Ivanova agreed to become the new Anla'Shok Na.[2]

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