The Babylon Project

A Narn Cruiser destroyed over a planet in the Epsilon System

A failed Drazi colony.

The Epsilon Eridani System is located in neutral territory in Sector 919., 10.475 lightyears from the Sol System. Epsilon Eridani is a small, orange star.[1]


  • Epsilon I
  • Epsilon II
  • Epsilon III: Building site for the original Babylon Station [2] and later Babylon 5[3]. Around 1758 a race of unknown aliens installed a Great Machine deep beneath the surface of Epsilon to hide it from a violent group of outcasts. [4]
  • Name Unknown: A planet in the Epsilon system was the site of a failed Drazi colony some time prior to the Earth-Minbari War. Though the planet was never hospitable, a cometary impact rendered it totally uninhabitable and the colony was abandoned. Later it was briefly used as a listening post by the Earth Alliance. In 2245 the abandoned listening post was used for secret peace talks between Earth and Minbar. The talks had barely begun when the site was bombed from orbit by an unknown attacker. [5]