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The Fall of Centauri Prime was a devastating attack by forces of the Narn Regime and the Drazi Freehold on the homeworld Centauri Republic in retaliation for the Centauri attacks on Alliance civilian ships. The bombing put an end to the short Centauri War, an event arranged and manipulated by the Drakh via the Keeper-controlled Regent Milo Virini.[1]


After Alliance President Sheridan refused to launch an attack on the Centauri homeworld, despite continuing Centauri attacks on the spaceborne shipping and assets of the member worlds, the Drazi and Narn generals decided to take matters into their own hands.

Without informing President Sheridan, much less getting his authorization, the generals took nearly a third of the Narn and Drazi fleets with them to attack the Centauri Prime. When President Sheridan learned of this, he took a fleet of White Stars with him, in a race to intercept the fleet before they reached Centauri Prime.

When they arrived they found it defenseless, as Regent Virini (under the control of the Drakh) had ordered all of the defensive ships away from the homeworld and deactivated the planetary defense network. Upon learning this Londo ran outside the palace and witnessed jump points opening in the sky above.

The Narn-Drazi fleet unleashed on the planet, devastating the Centauri homeworld. Sheridan arrived with his White Stars and ordered them to cease the attack. He was told to join them on the attack as per the Interstellar Alliance agreement. Sheridan refused, who was then reminded that when the returning Centauri fleet arrived within 20 minutes, they would end up attacking both the Narn-Drazi fleet and the White Star fleet, regardless of what Sheridan said.

Before the returning Centauri fleet could engage them, the Regent ordered them to stand down. Upon the Regent's death, Londo communicated to all that the attacks were ordered by the Regent and the Centauri were innocent. Ending the war, and leaving a bitter Centauri populace to rebuild under Emperor Londo's leadership, who was now a puppet of the Drakh.[2]


Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

The combined Narn-Drazi fleet consisted of hundreds of ships, including Narn G'Quan-class Heavy Cruisers and Drazi Sun-Hawk-class Battlecruisers. To avoid being noticed or stopped, the fleet raced past Centauri colony worlds and outposts to strike directly at the Centauri homeworld. The White Star fleet that President Sheridan took with him to intercept the fleet, consisted of dozens of White Stars.