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The Fall of Narn was the final confrontation of the Narn-Centauri War in 2259.

Narn intelligence had shown that the Centauri supply depot on Gorash VII was lightly guarded and would be the prefect target for a military strike. The Narn hoped that, by uniting most of their remaining warships into a single armada, they could destroy the Centauri supply base and force the Centauri to temporarily halt their advance. In order to create a fleet large enough to make the assault, the defenses of the Narn homeworld were severely depleted. Ambassador Mollari relayed the information about the attack to the Shadows, and so five Shadow warships were waiting for the Narn fleet at Gorash VII. The entire Narn fleet was wiped out in orbit around Gorash when it exited hyperspace.

Meanwhile, the Centauri fleet, under the command of Antono Refa, an ally of the Shadows, launched its full scale assault on Narn. Quickly overcoming the now meager defenses, the fleet began to bombard Narn from space using Mass driver illegally fitted to their battleships. The mass drivers rained huge meteors down onto the planet's surface, reducing most of Narn's cities to rubble, killing millions of Narn civilians, and shattering the Narn's infrastructure, communication, and most other basic services.

The bombing continues for four days, drawing denouncement from every other major power. After four days the Kha'Ri announced the complete and unconditional surrender of the Narn Regime.[1]


Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Agents of Gaming Strategic Game and contradicts canon sources.
Canonbox default.png The following is based on The Mongoose Publishing RPG books and contradicts canon sources.

Per the Babylon 5 Wars sourcebook War of Retribution: Atlas of the Narn/Centauri War, the following were the forces involved during the Fall of Narn, after the Narn pulled most of the warships defending their homeworld for the ill-fated strike against the Centauri homeworld:

Narn ships: 1 Ja'Stat Starbase, 1 Bin'Tak Dreadnought, 2 Dag'Kar Missile Frigates, 1 Sho'Kar Light Scout, 2 Ka'Toc Battle Destroyers, 3 Rongoth Destroyers, and 5 Thentus Frigates

Centauri ships:

1 Octurion Battleship, 5 Primus Battlecruisers, 5 Vorchan Warships, 1 Dargan Strike Cruiser, 3 Sulust Escort Destroyes, 2 Maximus Frigates, 2 Morgath Frigates, 3 Darkner Fast Attack Frigates

Per the Babylon 5 the Roleplaying Game's sourcebook The Coming of Shadows, there were virtually no ships left defending the Narn homeworld, most of the warships were sent on the ill-fated deep strike against the Centauri homeworld.

Narn defenses: space mines and automated defenses (orbital space satellites)