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Fashar (pronounced fa-SHAR) was the Markab ambassador to Babylon 5.


Fashar was Markab ambassador sent to represent his world in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds on Babylon 5. Like many of his race, Fashar was a deeply religious man.

In early 2259, when a strange alien presence was believed to have slipped aboard the station when an ancient sleeper ship arrived, Fashar and others believed it was a monster from ancient times, one in league with a dark force over a thousand years ago. He insisted that Sheridan remove the ship and the sole survivor of it, bordering on threats if Sheridan refused. The alien was discovered and killed by station security.[1]

That same year, the Drafa Plague struck among the Markab people. The plague had struck only once before, wiping out the population of an island consumed with immorality. Over the centuries it had developed a reputation as being a curse striking down the impure and immoral. Fearing a panic, when it resurfaced the government ordered absolute silence about it. Fashar and others in the government sincerely believed only the impure would be claimed.

When the plague reached the station, Dr. Stephen Franklin discovered the plague, prompting Captain Sheridan to order a quarantine until they could determine whether the plague affected other races and find a cure. The Markabs were asked to submit to Franklin for medical testing. Fashar was outraged, declaring Sheridan of accusing his people of being impure and immoral. He announced that all two thousand or so Markabs on the station will isolate themselves in one area, praying and repenting, which he believed would be enough. He did not listen to Sheridan's warnings that doing so may just spread the plague faster. Fashar agreed to let Ambassador Delenn and her aide, Lennier, enter the isolation zone to administer aide and comfort to the sick Markabs.

Tragically, though Franklin did discover a cure, it was too late to save the Markab race. Fashar died along with the rest of his people.[2]