The Babylon Project

Fatima Cristoban was a Psi Corps telepath.[1]


A later, Fatima was raised as a mundane and didn't manifest her talent until 2201 when she turned thirteen, whereupon she was forced to join the Corps. Uncomfortable with her new life at the Academy Fatima developed a bitter resentfulness of those Corps teenagers raised in a cadre, particularly those from Cadre Prime. So in 2204 when Alfred Bester was punished for his actions in Paris, forced to stand in the parade ground as "the statue", forbidden to move or react to anything other than a question about the reason for his punishment, Fatima took particular pleasure in humiliating and belittling the prideful cadet at every opportunity.

A few months later Fatima, having managed to acquire a counterfeit Identicard, flees the Corps and makes her way from Geneva to Amsterdam in hopes of finding a connection to the Underground Railroad and the Telepath Resistance. After arriving in the city, she finds a room in a "no questions asked" dive of a hotel run by Cloe Lyster. Fatima, her credit chit now useless asks Lyster about work, hoping to earn some quick cash while searching for the Underground. Cloe referred her to Saskia Grijs across town.

The next day, Psi Cop Sandoval Bey, hot on Cristoban's trail arrives at the hotel and manages to extract Grijs's address from Ms. Lyster. By the time Bey arrives, the Bloodhound Unit he called to meet him there had already attempted to force an entry, with the ensuing fire fight leaving fifteen bodies on the ground, with sounds of gunfire still audible from the upper floors.

When they eventually find Fatima, she was stripped and tied spread eagled to a bed having been raped and beaten almost to death. As Bey approaches her she asks if she's trouble, saying that she only wanted things to be like they used to. Bey lies, saying her parents are on their way and things will be just as they were, comforting her before she dies.

The "customer" responsible for her fate was arrested and put on trial for the rape and murder of the young blip.