The Babylon Project

Federico was a techno-mage, apprenticed to Herazade.[1][2] Like his teacher, Federico did not engage in the more ascetic practices of his fellow mages. He did not scour his hair, in fact growing it out and keeping it wild and unkempt, and sported an equally unkempt beard. He gravitated to colorful, whimsical clothing, greatly contrasting with the austere, dark robes that most of his order preferred. Technically still an initiate, Federico liked to be called Fed, though Galen was somewhat "uncomfortable with the familiarity of the diminutive." This changed after Galen's return from Z'ha'dum. Because of his casual attitude and colorful clothing, Federico sometimes reminded Galen of a pirate. Despite open disdain from some of the more conservative elements within the techno-mage ranks, Federico remained true to himself, displaying consistent contentment with his surroundings, no matter what the situation, and somehow maintained this levity even during the the mages' exile out on the Rim.

Federico was among the most outgoing of the techno-mages. Known for being easily delighted and spreading amusement, he proved popular with the female mages and often participated in activities like probe spitting contests and drinking games. He ultimately developed an ongoing relationship with Optima from the Kinetic Grimlis—a sect within the techno-mages tasked with the construction of their ships. This long-term relationship endured even after the Shadow War.[2]

While the techno-mages were in hiding, Federico was among those who managed their supplies and resources.[2] Though at times bored with his work, considering it tedious, he excelled at his tasks. He frequently visited Galen in the mages' observation room, trying to make smalltalk about various events that took place in the mages' sanctuary. Unlike many of his fellow mages, Federico did not have much difficulty adjusting to their exile.

When the Circle finally elected new members after the end of the Shadow War, Federico was the youngest ever to climb their ranks at age twenty-four.