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The Battle of Quadrant 14 was an attack by the Shadows on a large Narn colony that was the catalyst for the Narn-Centauri War.


This was the second attack by the Shadows on the Narn before the Second Shadow War. This event was arranged by Londo Mollari via Morden, helping the former gain a place among Antono Refa's allies who needed to make a bold gesture to allow themselves to gain a decisive position in the Royal Court.

Quadrant 14 was situated along the Narn-Centauri border and the home to one of the Narn Regime's most heavily populated colony worlds (though the Centauri regarded it as little more than a "listening post" used to spy on them). The planet was well equipped to defend itself. Antono Refa estimated that only a "major offensive" from the Centauri would be capable of seizing the planet.

The Battle[]

Three Shadow vessels jumped into normal space directly in orbit of the planet, bypassing whatever early warning systems the Narns might have had. They quickly opened fire on the orbiting starbase, crippling it completely and destroying the G'Quan class heavy cruiser docked there. Without support from a cruiser or the starbase, the wings of Frazi heavy fighters were quickly annihilated. The Shadows then opened fire on the colony, destroying the ground defenses, leading to heavy destruction and loss of life. They then finished destroying the starbase, leaving no survivors to report on who had conducted the attack.

Soon afterward, a fleet of Centauri warships arrived to lay claim to the planet.


The Narn sent a small expeditionary fleet of Frazi fighters to investigate. Upon arriving, they found the colony's defenses utterly destroyed, and Centauri warships in the area. Assuming the Centauri to be responsible, the Narns attacked, directly leading to the Second Battle of Quadrant 14. The Shadow attack would ultimately prove the flashpoint of the Narn-Centauri War. [1]