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This unnamed Minbari was a Religious Caste Minbari.

This Minbari knew Delenn and Dukhat since the 2240s and admired both of them.

In 2261, he was part of a group along with another that met Delenn on the Takari in order to meet Neroon. Thinking that Delenn was arranging for a surrender to the Warrior Caste, the other Minbari suggested sabotaging the ship in order to kill everyone on board as a symbol of the Religious Caste's endurance against the Warrior Caste. This Minbari hesitated, as he defended Delenn, but then went along with it.

Later, when Lennier foiled the group's plan, this Minbari questioned him, only to be reminded of Delenn's belief in a world better than it was.[1]