Flagler was an engine room officer aboard the EAS Charon under the command of Captain Leonard Anderson. When Anderson canceled a scheduled leave on the planet Vega and set the ship on course for Babylon 5, Flagler wished to file an official complaint. Flagler was among the Charon's crew members that were transferred to the Victory in 2266 and he was once again assigned to the ship's engine room. During the Drakh attack of Earth, the Victory was heavily damaged and everyone in the engine room was killed except Flagler. Just as the ship prepared to ram into the Drakh Death Cloud's control mechanism, its engines failed. Flagler was able to bring them back on-line, and although a part of him wanted to escape from the doomed ship in an EVA suit, he remained on board to the end as the Victory rammed into the Death Cloud and destroyed it, saving the Earth from annihilation.[1]

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