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"Minbari do no kill Minbari, but when it is the elements, the night, the cold--well, is that truly murder?"


Forell was a member of the Minbari Religious Caste and one of the first to contact the Drakh Entire.


Forell, a member of the Minbar Religious Caste, hailed from the city of Sikar on Minbar. After the Grey Council was disbanded during the Second Shadow War,[1] the Warrior Caste ousted the Religious Caste from the city and others like Dronya. Forell was not present, but his family was and were forced to go on foot to the nearest city--none of them survived the trek through the freezing conditions.

"Dukhat says when there is good news we always ask if it is true because it is so difficult to believe. But when there is bad news we so rarely inquire because it is so easy to believe."

Forell to Delenn

Bitter over the death of his family, Forell contacted a mysterious race known as Drakh. The Drakh had been conducting raids against the Norsai, a peaceful race under the protection of the Minbari Federation. The Drakh offered to help protect the Religious Caste in exchange for a new homeworld. Forell was led to believe the Drakh had only attacked out of retaliation--he also did not know they had been servants of the Shadows. Knowing the Drakh may suffer reprisal for their raid, Forell traveled to Babylon 5 to bring Delenn to meet them and hear their side. Delenn took a small White Star fleet to meet a Drakh armada, not knowing Forell had been in actual negotiations with them.

Once they arrived at the rendezvous, Forell forced Delenn at gunpoint to allow the Drakh Emissary to come aboard and explain their case. He also explained about his family and how out of control the Warrior Caste had become. Forell apologized for forcing the issue, but claimed he felt he had no alternative. Once the Emissary left the White Star, however, Delenn alerted him that the Drakh will surely attack the fleet since she is aboard and partly responsible for the plight the Drakh were currently in (having lost their home and becoming nomadic).[2] Forell is critically injured in the subsequent battle and died soon after, asking Delenn's forgiveness.[3]