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"A fairly common practice in the old days, although seldom done nowadays, the law still allows it. "

Vir Cotto, 2258

Fosterage is a period of apprenticeship for younger noble Centauri until they come of age. They are taught Centauri culture and "proper decorum" by members of another noble family. It is a great honour to be fostered by members of powerful and highly respected noble families in Centauri society.

Andilo Mollari agreed to accept Kiron Maray and Aria Tensus into a period of fosterage when he was asked by his second cousin Londo Mollari. The couple were to be moved to his estate in the Centauri capital shortly after leaving Babylon 5 in 2258[1]. It is presumed that both teenagers married each other upon the completion of their fosterage as Andilo Mollari would have given them this privilege when they were old enough.