The Babylon Project

Frank Benson was an Earthforce security officer.

Benson was stationed on Babylon 5 in 2257. During the next six months, he made a number of unwise decisions by participating in illegal gambling operations. He lost heavily and piled up debts. This was eventually discovered in 2258, and he was summoned by Commander Sinclair and Garibaldi to be confronted about it. He admitted he skirted the line, but never over the limit. When he refused to tell them any more, confirming their suspicions, they took him off active duty pending an investigation. Desperate and with his back to the wall, he made contact with two mysterious people who needed an energy pod. He agreed to help them by stealing a pod in exchange for payment. Satisfied, they promised that the credits would be deposited into his account within the hour, but refused to help him get off the station. He was given 15,000 credits and he quickly made payments against his debts.

The men were actually kidnapping the commander and, when he mysteriously disappeared, security quickly scrambled to find him. Garibaldi's second, Jack, pulled in every available man including Benson, having looked at his account and deemed nothing wrong. Garibaldi checked his credits account again and found the rather large deposit. Benson realized that they suspected him of the kidnapping, so he went back to the two men to ask for their help. He was refused and, when he heard a cry in their quarters, he pushed his way in and saw that it was the commander. One of the men then shot and killed him. His body was disposed of outside the station. When it was found, Garibaldi identified the remains as Benson’s.[1]