The Babylon Project

Frank Kemmer was the father of Lianna Kemmer and a friend of Michael Garibaldi.[2][3]


In 2241, while working as a shuttle pilot on the Jovian moon run, Frank befriended Michael Garibaldi at the Europa ice mining operation. Michael was a struggling alcoholic and the only honest security officer at the cesspool of a colony, overrun by drugs, crime and corrupt officials. Frank brought Michael home, spending time with his family and helping him out of the hole he had begun to dig for himself.


Frank introduces his family to Michael Garibaldi

Eventually Garibaldi managed to make enough of a dent in the local rackets to attract a very dangerous type of attention. When word came down that someone was going to take Garibaldi out, he assumed he could handle it. Unfortunately, rather than attack Garibaldi directly they rigged the shuttle pad and when Frank brought in the last run of the day, the pad blew and Frank was killed. The incident was blamed on Garibaldi's negligence, resulting in his being blackballed throughout the system and a return to the bottle.

Frank's daughter Lianna was naturally crushed and would hold a grudge against "Uncle Mike" for years to come.