"Magic enables clever men to dominate others."


Frazur was a notoriously corrupt techno-mage who lived in the time before Wierden's Code had been fully embraced.

Frazur was one of the three techno-mages who came to Centauri Prime around the Earth year 1258 to give their formal blessing to the first Emperor of the Centauri Republic, following his extermination of the Xon. While the event is revered by the Centauri, the techno-mage order regard the whole debacle as one of the lowest moments in their history. In reality, the three techno-mages were a corrupt and power hungry trio who saw the fledgling Republic as an opportunity for personal gain in becoming the power behind the throne. The three soon fell to infighting, however, and killed one another in spectacular fashion.[1][2]


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