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"I'm here to sign a non-aggression treaty with the Centauri. Before I leave here, there will be an Earth-Centauri alliance that will guarantee peace for Earth. We will, at last, know peace in our time."

Frederick Lantze

Frederick Lantze was a human representative of the Earth Alliance from EarthGov, and co-director of the Ministry of Peace along with Mr. Welles during Morgan Clark's administration.


Frederick Lantze arrived on Babylon 5 to sign a Non-Aggression Treaty with the Centauri Republic in December of 2259. Lantze was completely dedicated to signing the treaty, outright ignoring the pleas of other races the Centauri were advancing upon. He refused to meet with G'Kar, the former ambassador for the Narn Regime. He is appalled to learn that Captain Sheridan has been training his fighter pilots in combat simulators with Centauri opponents – and even more shocked to learn Sheridan is secretly harboring a G'Quan class heavy cruiser.

When Sheridan refuses to turn over the Narn vessel to a Centauri battlecrusier, a firefight ensues. The station suffers major damage, but the Centauri ship is destroyed and the Narn ship escapes the engagement. Lantze and his associate, Mr. Welles, convey a message from President Clark that Sheridan is to formally apologize to the Centauri for the incident or be replaced.[1]


  • Lantze's remark about "peace in our time" echoes the words of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain prior to WWII.