The ruins of G'Kamazad, 2260.

G'Kamazad was the capital city of Narn and the hometown of G'Kar and his family.[1]

The Narn resistance maintained a presence in the capital, in bunkers beneath structures that either survived the bombings or were rebuilt afterwards. These bunkers were connected to the underground tunnels below the ruins of the Kha'Ri capital building.

During the Second Centauri occupation of Narn, the Centauri provisional government that ruled the planet created a fortress in the ruins of the capital city. The interior of the fortress was made to mirror the Royal Palace on Centauri Prime, a surprise for Emperor Cartagia. After the Centauri withdrawal, the Narns destroy the interior decor of the throne room in a wild victory celebration.[2]

After the end of the second occupation, the new Capital city of Narn was established in Moxtoke.[3]


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