The Babylon Project

"No one here is exactly what he appears..."

G'Kar, 2258

G'Kar was the first Narn ambassador to Babylon 5 and would become renowned as the author of the Book of G'Kar and "Sir G'Kar of the New Round Table".


At the beginning of his diplomatic service, G'Kar ruthlessly seeks advantages for his race, and has an intense dislike bordering on outright hatred of the Centauri, due to his race's suffering during the Centauri occupation of the Narn Homeworld. He is something of a bon vivant, fond of fine meals and enjoying the pleasures of several females of different species at once. He has a special fondness for human women. However, as the war between his people and the Centauri progresses, he becomes kinder, tolerant, and more farsighted. G'Kar is a very spiritual individual, believing in the religion of G'Quan and becoming a religious figure himself after the liberation of Narn. While usually a diplomatic individual, G'Kar is willing to fight, and is skilled enough at hand-to-hand combat to take on several humans at the same time.


Early life[]

G'Kar, "remembering" his father's death

G'Kar was born in 2201, on the Narn homeworld in the city of G'Kamazad during the first Centauri occupation. Like all Narns, G'Kar had a different name at birth. Once reaching maturity, he chose the name "G'Kar" because he had embraced the teachings of G'Quan. He would remain a devoted follower for the rest of his life.[5]

During the final years of the occupation G'Kar's family worked as slaves in the household of a wealthy Centauri aristocrat and Spoo ranch owner. The resistance was growing each day, but with G'Kar's mother Na'Laq too ill to move his father G'Qarn would not leave her behind to escape into the underground. One day, when G'kar was still young, his father spilled a drink on the mistress of the house. She responded by having him beaten and strung up by his hands to a Jalwah tree in the yard, leaving him there to die. On the third day, against his mother's orders, G'Kar went to him just before he died. His father's last words were a plea for G'Kar to remember him and honor his name. That same day, G'Kar ran away and killed his first Centauri.[1] G'Kar would spend a great deal of time in one bomb shelter or another. Later in life he would admit to feeling as much at home in a shelter as anywhere else.[6][7]

"When I was a child . . . we spent our days in shelters we made ourselves. We sang songs. We prayed. We ate. We slept. I spent my life in one such shelter or another. I will tell you the truth, Mollari. This is probably the closest thing I have to a home."
"Yes, well, don't start singing. You'll frighten the children."

G'Kar and Londo Mollari, 2262

G'Kar joined the resistance, and developed his tactical and planning skills during years as a resistance fighter. His reputation was such that reports of his activities reached the Dilgar [8]. After many gruelling years of attrition and sabotage, the Narns finally liberated their homeworld in 2231. Over the next twenty one years, G'Kar rose through the social ranks of the new Narn Regime, until in 2252 he was appointed to the Kha'ri, the Regime's ruling council. During his time in the Kha'ri, he made his share of political enemies, and by 2258 he claimed to have survived two assassination attempts. Among his more powerful enemies was Counsellor Du'Rog, whom G'Kar managed to humiliate before the council and ruin his family's name.[9]

During the Earth-Minbari War, G'kar was the one to broker the deal for humans to buy weapons. He was also approached to help mediate a desperate peace negotiation between the two sides (G'Kar had become fluent in a Minbari language at this point). A Narn cruiser brought G'Kar, and Earth Alliance officers John Sheridan and Stephen Franklin to an abandoned listening post in the Epsilon System to meet Lenonn, a Minbari Ranger. However, before the negotiations could take place, the Narn ship was destroyed and Lenonn was killed when their location was fired upon. Both sides believed a renegade faction from the other was responsible (in reality it was a Centauri ship), thus ending any chance at peace. G'Kar was briefly detained by the Minbari before being released to return to Narn.[10]

The Babylon Project[]

Ambassador G'Kar[]

In 2256 G'Kar becomes the Narn Ambassador to Babylon 5. A member of the Kha'ri, he is a strong-willed and patriotic supporter of his people and their ideals. At some point before his arrival, he had breathing gills surgically implanted.

Shortly after the arrival of Lyta Alexander, G'Kar proposes that she assist the Narn in acquiring telepaths among their people. Lyta turns down the offer.

G'Kar is also involved with a plot to discredit Babylon 5 Commander Jeffrey Sinclair. This plot involves the Narn smuggling a changeling net on board and giving it to a Minbari assassin. The assassin uses the device to frame Sinclair for the attempted murder of Ambassador Kosh of the Vorlon Empire just after the ambassador's arrival. G'Kar then blackmails Ambassador Londo Mollari - with evidence of his grandfather's activities during the first Centauri occupation of Narn - into not voting against the resolution to have Sinclair taken to the Vorlon homeworld for trial. The resolution goes through, but fortunately Sinclair is exonerated and Kosh's life is saved.

G'Kar also approachs Ambassador Delenn proposing an alliance against the Centauri on the pretext that Mollari is the attempted assassin of Kosh. When she refuses, he admits to her that his spies have heard rumors about why the Minbari surrendered at the end of the war, mentioning the Grey Council. Delenn responds by briefly torturing G'Kar, making him swear never to mention it again and ensuring he understands where they stand.

Sinclair also has some revenge against G'Kar. While lacking any real proof of G'Kar's involvement, Sinclair tricks the Narn into believing he has ingested a series of nanites that would allow the station to track G'Kar anywhere on the station. Sinclair later tells Michael Garibaldi that the Narns will spend countless hours painfully subjecting G'Kar to a vain search for the nanites.[11]


"No one here is entirely what he appears. If I surprised you, so much the better."

G'Kar to Catherine Sakai, 2258

Throughout the year 2258, G'Kar engages in a number of political, covert, and military related conflicts and intrigue, all designed to weaken the Centauri Republic. G'Kar often says that he dreams of the day where the Centauri are completely annihilated. He also develops a bitter, ongoing feud with Ambassador Londo Mollari.

"It's our time now..."

G'Kar's anger and hatred towards the Centauri are summarized when he speaks to Commander Jeffrey Sinclair about the day "when the Centauri are all dead and we have carved their bones into flutes for little Narn children."[12]

Early in the year, the Centauri agricultural planet of Ragesh 3 comes under attack. When details first come in, G'Kar offers his sympathies to Ambassador Mollari, but adamantly denies the Narns have launched an attack. When more data comes in depicting Narn fighters at the colony, Mollari angrily confronts G'Kar in the Zocalo. G'Kar, knowing full well what has happened, simply quips that times have changed and the Narns are on the rise. Mollari attempts to physically attack G'Kar but is restrained by security guards, although the Narn coolly stands his ground. While the Centauri government officially tells Mollari they will not respond with military force, Mollari hopes to prompt the Babylon 5 General Assembly to act, embarrassing the Centauri Republic into action. G'Kar outmaneuvers him, however, by playing a tape of a (coerced) confession from Mollari's nephew, who was stationed on Ragesh 3, explaining that the Narns were invited to come. G'Kar also knows the Republic does not wish to act. He moves that the General Assembly take no action against the Narn Regime and the motion passes. Unfortunately for G'Kar, Commander Sinclair has engaged and defeated a wing of raiders with starfuries from the station. Sinclair uncovered the source of the raider's weapons: a Narn base, with a Narn military officer. The station also has intercepted transmissions proving the attack on Ragesh 3 was unprovoked. Sinclair threatens to expose the evidence unless the Narns withdraw. G'Kar reluctantly agrees to make it happen.[12]

G'Kar's first diplomatic attaché is Ko'Dath. Insulted when Ambassador Mollari sends his aide Vir Cotto to negotiate the Euphrates Treaty, G'Kar instructs Ko'Dath to fill in for him while Cotto is there, growling to her to "not give away the homeworld."[13] Ko'Dath is killed shortly thereafter in an apparent airlock malfunction.

G'Kar and his aide, Na'Toth

As Babylon 5 prepares for a week long series of festivities celebrating the religious traditions of the various races on board, a courier named Tu'Pari arrives with a message for G'Kar. The message is from his old political enemy Du'Rog, who is dying but plans to have his revenge on G'Kar. He informs the ambassador that he has hired an assassin from the Thenta Makur who will stalk G'Kar, making him live in fear for 48 hours, and then he will die. Even as the message finishes playing, G'Kar's new aide Na'Toth arrives, making him suspect her immediately. He soon receives a death blossom, a mark left by the Thenta Makur to their marks. This prompts G'Kar to approach N'Grath and hire a bodyguard, but the guard is quickly murdered by the assassin. Due to certain information pertaining to why his old enemy wanted his death, G'Kar cannot disclose the threat to the station security. He confronts the courier who delivered the message—only to find that the courier is in fact the assassin. The assassin takes G'Kar to a secluded part of the station and tortures him with a pain giver, though G'Kar refuses to cry out. He is saved by Na'Toth, and gets his revenge against the assassin by making it appear the killer has been bribed, knowing that the Thenta Makur will hunt him down.[9]

"Narn, Centauri, Humans--we all do what do for the same reason: it seemed like a good idea at the time."

G'Kar is brought in when an Earth corporation wishes to send Catherine Sakai to survey Sigma 957 as a possible source of Quantium 40. The planet is in contested space by the Narn. G'Kar refuses to consent, insisting that the planet is not safe. Sakai accuses the Narn of trying to hold onto Sigma 957 out of spite, as it is too far to use. G'Kar warns her that if she goes over his head and goes to the planet anyway, she will likely not come back. Realizing she will do just that, he arranges for a wing of Narn Frazi fighters to head to the planet and render assistance to Sakai. She does in fact need assistance when her ship is damaged by the Walkers of Sigma-957. Upon her return to the station, Sakai thanks G'Kar for his assistance. She asks him about what she saw, but he responds that he has as much chance explaining to her what they are as an ant would have in explaining to another ant about humans and Narns.[14]

When the mass murderer and war criminal Jha'dur, a.k.a. "Deathwalker," comes on board the station, G'Kar is upset to learn that Na'Toth brutally attacked her in customs. He apologizes to the commander and she is placed under house arrest in his quarters pending further investigation. Na'Toth proclaims she has a Chon-kar (a Narn blood oath) against Deathwalker and is honor bound to carry it out. G'Kar forces her to stand down, however, as he knows that Deathwalker has seemingly created a serum for immortality. Na'Toth's attack disrupts a planned meeting between Jha'dur and a Narn operative. The attack make his approach impossible, so it falls to G'Kar. He approaches her and asks her to come to Narn, rather than seek asylum on Earth. Deathwalker says she will agree—but only if G'Kar delivers her the head of Na'Toth. Refusing to do so, G'Kar informs the League of Non-Aligned Worlds about her presence, knowing the races that have been ravaged by Deathwalker will want revenge. During a vote of the General Assembly, he moves that Deathwalker be tried on Narn, but this is rejected. A compromise is finally reached where the serum would be shared, but the hope of "immortality" ends when Deathwalker's ship is destroyed by the Vorlons.[15]

G'Kar is approached at this time by Tharg and M'Ola to intervene regarding their son. G'Kar—who had never even heard of their race until they came to him—is completely uninterested in giving any assistance, as they have nothing to offer in terms of a strategic alliance.[16]

When Earth President Luis Santiago is scheduled to arrive on the station for a conference, G'Kar is insulted that the Narn delegation is seated next to the Vree at the banquet. According to G'Kar watching them eat, "that's horror for you."[17]

"The universe is run by the complex interweaving of three elements: energy, matter, and enlightened self interest."

When Michael Garibaldi is framed for a bombing on board the station, one of his suspects for the framing up is G'Kar, whom he confronts in his quarters. G'Kar proves he is not to blame, and offers to smuggle Garibaldi off the station and back to Narn space, offering a position. Garibaldi turns down the offer. G'Kar does not reveal Garibaldi to security, and the security chief eventually is cleared.[17]

When Shaal Mayan comes onboard Babylon 5 and is viciously attacked by anti-alien extremists, G'Kar warns Commander Sinclair that should such a thing happen to any Narn there will be "bloody retribution." Sinclair warns G'Kar he will not allow the station to be disrupted—by anyone. When the count rose to eight non-humans seriously injured by the same extremists within a two week time frame, G'Kar organizes a rally that almost turns into a riot. G'Kar only backs down when the rioters are broken up by security. He is reasonably satisfied that Sinclair is not going easy on the perpetrators when the station personnel arrest the entire gang.[18]

G'Kar performing a religious ceremony

As the highest-ranking member of his faith on the station, it falls to G'Kar to hold a particular religious ceremony during the Days of G'Quan. The ceremony requires the use of a G'Quan Eth plant, a now rare plant almost eradicated during the Centauri occupation, and has to be performed at a precise time. G'Kar, mindful of the responsibilities he has to his religious community, made arrangements months in advance to acquire the plant. However, because of an accident in the docking bay, the ship carrying the plant to G'Kar is destroyed. G'Kar asks Na'Toth to locate another. She is successful, but the only one available is being held by Londo Mollari. The Centauri ambassador first taunts G'Kar, then offers to sell it to him for the outrageous sum of 50,000 Earth credits. G'Kar manages to come up with the money, but Mollari rebuffs him, telling him he'd rather burn the plant instead. He also mentions this is part of his revenge for Ragesh 3. After cooling his rage, G'Kar appeals to Commander Sinclair, who is in the middle of a dock worker's strike. Sinclair agrees to speak to Mollari, but his appeal is unsuccessful. Desperate, G'Kar arranges for a statue of a Centauri god to be stolen from their temple. Sinclair forces Mollari and G'Kar to a meeting where he insists the statue be returned. He also "impounds" the plant, though to G'Kar's dismay the time has passed for the ceremony (it was supposed to be held at first light on Narn). Sinclair points out that the light from 12 light years ago (the distance to Narn from the station) would just arriving at the station. G'Kar finds this suffices, and goes forward with the ceremony.[19]

"What do I want?"

"The Centauri stripped my world. I want justice. [I want] to suck the marrow from their bones... and grind their skulls to powder. To tear down their cities, blacken their sky, sow their ground with salt! To completely and utter erase them!"

G'Kar, answering Mr. Morden

When Morden first comes onboard Babylon 5, the first ambassador he visits is G'Kar, asking the Narn "what do you want?" After pausing a moment, G'Kar replies bitterly that he wants the Centauri completely wiped out. When Morden asks what he wants after that, G'Kar replies he has never thought that far ahead, being satisfied knowing that his homeworld and people were safe. Evidently disappointed at the answer, Morden leaves and G'Kar dismisses the incident as foolishness.[20]

As the earth year comes to a close, the Narns again are engaged in aggressive moves against the Centauri. This time, they wish to force the Centauri into abandoning all claims to Quadrant 37. As the Babylon 5 Council make little progress, Sinclair tries appealing to G'Kar directly in his quarters (after G'Kar has been dallying with three human females). He warns G'Kar the Narn are at a crossroads. Shortly thereafter, the Narn outpost in Quadrant 37 is mysteriously wiped out (with all 10,000 Narns killed). When G'Kar learns of the attack from Na'Toth, he realizes instantly it is not the work of the Centauri or any other one of the known races but rather an unknown one. On the day of Earth President Luis Santiago's death, G'Kar leaves the station (leaving Na'Toth to fill his place for him) to investigate the new enemy.[21]

A Cassandra's Cry[]

"It wasn't the humans. The Centauri don't have the will. The Vorlons don't care. The Minbari wouldn't do it. The other worlds aren't powerful enough for a strike like this. There's someone else out there..."

G'Kar to Na'Toth, 2258

"Weep for the future, Na'Toth. Weep for us all."

G'Kar quickly realizes that the attack on the Narn outpost can only have been done by a new race—or a very old one. He spends many weeks searching along the Outer Rim, discovering "something was moving...gathering its forces" on dark and distant worlds that should have been lifeless. He quietly returns to Babylon 5 after the rest of his expedition is wiped out. Na'Toth immediately notices a change in him, and he replies that he has stared into the abyss and been altered. He calls for a meeting of the Security Council in an attempt to warn them "that all of their races stand on the edge of extinction." Ambassador Mollari rebukes his claims, and G'Kar admits even the Regime is skeptical as G'Kar has no real proof. He has been able, however, to convince his government to send a warship to a planet far out on the rim, Z'ha'dum, which is supposed to be completely lifeless. However, the ship is destroyed as soon as it exits hyperspace, which the Regime attributes as an accident. G'Kar suspects Mollari may have somehow sent a warning, but lacking proof he can do nothing.[22]

"I am too late."

Part of G'Kar's conclusions are drawn from his faith in the Book of G'Quan, which tells about an ancient enemy a thousand years old from the darkest corners of space that was so powerful it nearly overwhelmed the stars themselves.[22]

When a human cryo ship arrives at the station, it brings with it a malicious, invisible creature that begins to terrorize the station. G'Kar is deeply interested when members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds mention rumors and stories from their own histories about an ancient terror. The description of the creature also conforms to writings from the Book of G'Quan.[23]

G'Kar is invited to Mollari's Day of Ascension ceremony. All guests at such an event are required to be barefoot, so G'Kar purposefully wears boots in order to convey an insult. Mollari, however, in far too good a mood to be bothered by his rival, laughs about not being insulted at all by "his Narn friend." Mollari nearly dies when an old Centauri artifact given to him as a gift by his third wife, Mariel, ends up being an old booby trap. While Mariel protests her ignorance of it, G'Kar (who has an ongoing affair with her) quickly realizes she did intend to murder her husband, but agrees not to be a "rumor mongerer." He warns Mariel that if he can figure it out, so can Mollari.[24]

Betrayal and Lost Chances[]

"It is a strange know suddenly that all the decisions in your life have brought you to this place; that there is no more doubt or uncertainty...For the first time in my life, the path is clear."

G'Kar, 2259

"I was ready... I had the dagger in my hand! And he has the indecency to start dying on his own!"

Despite his ailing health, Centauri Emperor Turhan wishes to come to Babylon 5. G'Kar angrily confronts Sheridan about such a visit, declaring Turhan a monster and a criminal for the crimes his family committed during the Centauri occupation. G'Kar states it is merely a technicality that Turhan himself actually did nothing during the occupation. Sheridan states he will not consider G'Kar's request, eager for the Centauri Emperor to come. He encourages G'Kar to see this as an opportunity to open up a dialog, but G'Kar storms out.

Instead of a dialog, G'Kar plots an assassination of the Emperor. He quietly contacts his government, which secretly goes along with his plan, telling him to strike during the official reception before the Emperor can deliver his intended speech. G'Kar dictates his last will and testament, declaring he is taking the action without the knowledge or approval of the Regime or Na'Toth. He puts the rest of his affairs in order, leaving his copy of the Book of G'Quan to Na'Toth in the hopes of her eventual conversion. Slipping a dagger into his glove, he goes to the reception and plans to strike. However, Turhan suffers a major heart attack after he arrives on the station but before he can reach the reception.

"I had believed your people only capable of murder and pain...I never thought I'd say this, Mollari, but 'to the health of your Emperor!' And perhaps, to your health as well!"

As G'Kar hopes Turhan may recover enough for him to finish him off, he receives a visit from Dr. Stephen Franklin. The doctor is there with a message from Turhan, given to Franklin to ensure it would be delivered. Expecting a threat, G'Kar is taken aback when Franklin tells him that the Emperor had come there to apologize in person to the Narn for everything that was done against them by his people (and especially his family). He had come to admit they were wrong and hope for a new era of peace. G'Kar is overwhelmed. He seeks out Mollari, finding him in the Zocalo, and insists on having a drink with him. G'Kar buys them both a drink and toasts to the health of the Emperor, and to Mollari's own health (much to the shock of Mollari himself).

"I won't let this happen! Not again!"

Unfortunately, the hope for peace dies before the Emperor. An all out attack on the Narn colony of Quadrant 14 suddenly occurs. The first transmissions are confused, but a follow up expedition confirms the destruction of the military outpost and the presence of Centauri ships securing the planet. The Regime sends word to G'Kar on an open channel, allowing everyone to pick up on it (including C'n'C). G'Kar, correctly guessing Mollari knew about the attack even as he drank with him in the Zocalo, is thrown into a rage. He injures several security officers on his way to Mollari's quarters. Before he can get there, he is confronted by Sheridan and a team of armed security guards. Sheridan insists G'Kar stand down, and after his rage almost overwhelms him, G'Kar collapses in sorrow. He spends the next several hours in meditation prior to a meeting of the full Babylon 5 Assembly.


At the Assembly, G'Kar relates a message that the Regime has officially declared war against the Centauri Republic.[25]

"For 100 years the Centauri occupied our world...devastated it...We swore we would never let that happen again. This attack on our largest civilian colony has inflicted terrible damage and loss of life. They have crossed the line we cannot allow them to cross. As a result, two hours ago my government officially declared war against the Centauri Republic. Our hope for peace is over. We are now at war. We are now at war!"

G'Kar, announcing the Narn Declaration of War at the Babylon 5 Assembly, 2259

War and Reconquest[]

"There are humans for whom the words 'never again' hold special meaning, as they do for us."

G'Kar, 2259

Main article: Narn-Centauri War

The war quickly goes against the Narn Regime. Due to their initial losses before the war and their lack of support among the other races (because of their near constant aggression over the years), the Narn quickly find themselves on the defensive. The Centauri are merciless in their attacks. G'Kar appeals to Sheridan for the Earth Alliance to get involved, believing if Earth takes a stand other races will follow. He also makes an emotional appeal to Delenn, saying that he will beg if he has to for the Minbari to provide aid. Delenn tells G'Kar that his people's actions in the past years make it difficult for anyone to trust their word now. She also states her people are tired of war.[26]

"You cannot take what you do not own! My authority comes from the Kha'Ri! It can only be taken by force!"

Meanwhile, tension among the Narn population is growing. One Narn is shot and killed by a station security officer after he had been attacked by a Centauri. G'Kar confronts Sheridan, who tells G'Kar he is doing what he can to convince Earth to support the Narn, but he needs G'Kar to keep his people in control. G'Kar appeals to the Narn on the station, but some of the younger ones believe he does not have the stomach for war. Despite his orders, they murder the Centauri who had attacked the dead Narn and plan a massacre of all the Centauri on the station. Fortunately, Na'Toth learns of the plan and warns G'Kar. He confronts the leader of the group, telling him that he has challenged his own leadership and there must be a fight. The two engage in hand to hand combat, with G'Kar emerging victorious. The other Narn stand down. The defeated Narn manages to injure G'Kar with a poisoned dagger, but G'Kar is able to treat the wound and the poison.

G'Kar then receives word from Sheridan, asking for a meeting. To his disappointment, he learns that the Earth Alliance will not get involved. However, Sheridan and Delenn have both promised to provide secret aid in the form of food and medical supplies, in addition to smuggling civilians out of hostile areas. G'Kar thanks them for what aid they are giving, but once alone breaks down weeping over the plight of his people.[26]

G'Kar gives an interview on ISN

The station itself becomes a minor battleground in the war when Narn and Centauri merchant ships open fire on one another, requiring the stations' fighters to subdue them. G'Kar announces that the Centauri have violated the peace of Babylon 5 by smuggling weapons through it, a claim the Centauri deny. G'Kar agrees to an interview by Cynthia Torqueman, an ISN reporter who is doing a segment on Babylon 5. He talks about the Centauri occupation and his own personal history. He also denies a report that the Narn have lost six of the last seven battles as "Centauri propaganda." Another skirmish occurs in orbit when a Narn war ship attacks a Centauri battlecruiser, leading to the destruction of both.[1]

"There's always hope..."

The Narn continue to be pushed back over the next several months. G'Kar is visited by his uncle, Warleader G'Sten, who tells him that they have lost all their holdings in three key sectors. Confused, G'Kar asks why he has heard none of this in his daily briefings. G'Sten explains the Kha'Ri is perpetuating the myth that the Regime is holding its own. He tells G'Kar of a desperate plan the Regime has come up with to slow the Centauri advance. They will assemble the bulk of their remaining forces to an all out attack of the Centauri supply world of Gorash VII. Capture of this planet will force the Centauri to halt, prolonging the war indefinitely and allowing the Narn to regroup and rebuild their defenses. G'Kar points out the danger of the plan: the Narn homeworld will be left with only a skeletal defense. G'Sten acknowledges the danger, but proceeds anyway (feeling they have no choice), bidding his nephew farewell.

G'Kar prays and awaits for word from the front

G'Kar is contacted by Dr. Franklin and asked to come to the medlab. A transport of injured Narn civilians has recently arrived from one of the fallen colonies. Franklin tells G'Kar that the survivors only escaped because the Centauri pulled out before they finished securing the planet, something highly atypical of the Centauri. A few Narns had been interrogated by Centauri officers regarding Narn's defenses. G'Kar assesses that the Centauri must be planning on attacking the homeworld far sooner than they had expected. He contacts G'Sten, begging him to return the fleet, but G'Sten is not convinced by the evidence and proceeds with the operation. G'Kar prays long and desperately, fearing the inevitable.

The attack is a complete failure, leading to a total loss of the fleet. Soon thereafter, a massive Centauri strike force does indeed attack Narn itself, quickly overrunning its orbital defenses and beginning orbital bombardment with mass drivers. Millions died over the course of the next few days and most of the planet's infrastructure collapses. The Regime has no choice but to surrender. Their last order is for G'Kar (who wishes to return to be with his family) to seek sanctuary on Babylon 5. Overwhelmed with emotion, G'Kar slowly seeks out Captain Sheridan and makes the request.

News of the bombing initially sparked riots on Babylon 5, prompting a lock down of the station. Ambassador Mollari, off station the entire time, finally returns and asks for a meeting of the Babylon 5 Assembly. The Security Council and the League quickly convene. Mollari announces that the Narn have offered "total and unconditional surrender" to the Centauri Republic. He announces the terms of the war (see Second Centauri occupation of Narn, which includes the formal stripping of G'Kar's rank as ambassador and call for his return to Narn to stand trial with the rest of the Kha'ri.) Captain Sheridan announces he has granted G'Kar sanctuary and the move is supported by Delenn and the Minbari Federation. Mollari grudgingly acknowledges he cannot override their decision, but rather angrily insists G'Kar leave the Council.


Instead of leaping towards Mollari and attempting to strangle him, G'Kar slowly stands up, but before he leaves, he speaks one last time in perhaps his most eloquent & stoic moment of the series.[27]

"No dictator, no invader can hold an imprisoned population by force of arms forever. There is no greater power in the universe than the need for freedom. Against that power, governments and tyrants and armies cannot stand. The Centauri learned this lesson once...we will teach it to them again. Though it take a thousand years...we will be free!"

G'Kar following the Narn Regime's surrender, 2259

Citizen G'Kar[]

While no longer enjoying ambassadorial status, G'Kar continues to remain in a position of authority on the station; acting a leader of the Narn community, liaison to the station administration, and (as the only member of the Kha'ri still free) de facto leader of the Narn government-in-exile. G'Kar soon gets to work doing his part for the Narn Resistance. He makes arrangements with an arms dealer named Mr. Chase to purchase weapons to be used, purchased with the life savings of free Narns. Initially, he begins smuggling weapons through the station, but Security Chief Michael Garibaldi quickly catches on. In exchange for G'Kar promising to discontinue the smuggling there, Garibaldi gives him information on an alternate (and much safer) route. Despite this, many of the Narn on the station begin to question G'Kar's position as leader. He approaches Garibaldi for help, and Garibaldi is able to have the Rangers smuggle a data crystal out of Narn containing messages from the families of the Narn on station. This is enough to renew the Narn's loyalty to G'Kar.

"I cannot forgive."

G'Kar also refuses to remain silent. He takes to appealing to the humans and aliens in the Zocalo, loudly proclaiming that the Centauri war machine will surely press onward. One of the ones who actually listens to him is Vir Cotto, Mollari's attaché, who apologizes to G'Kar for what has happened. Nearly blind with rage, G'Kar tells him that until he can find a way to apologize to the dead, he cannot forgive.[28]

G'Kar tries in vain to appeal one last time

A Narn warship that escaped destruction in the war jumps into Babylon 5 space, but in an area only the station can properly detect. They request sanctuary, and Sheridan agrees to the request, even as Frederick Lantz, a representative from EarthGov is there to investigate the Centauri situation (they have continued their aggression against other worlds). G'Kar is informed of both pieces of information and hopes at last Earth will stand up to the Centauri. Unfortunately, Lantz refuses to meet with G'Kar, and is dismayed when he is tipped off about the presence of the Narn ship. Lantz announces that Earth is prepared to sign a non-aggression treaty with the Republic, something virtually everyone on the station perceives to be akin to appeasement. A Centauri battlecruiser arrives, demanding custody of the Narn ship. Sheridan refuses, providing an fighter wing to escort the Narn ship safely away. The Centauri open fire on the station, causing heavy damage before being destroyed by the station's defenses.[29]

Sheridan is expected to make a formal apology to the Centauri. He reluctantly agrees to do so. G'Kar is present in the Zen Garden as Sheridan travels in the core shuttle. A pair of Centauri place a bomb in the compartment, and in desperation, Sheridan jumps out of the shuttle, weightless but "falling" towards the station. Suddenly, a being of light appears and saves Sheridan. Every race perceives the being differently. G'Kar and the other Narn behold G'Lan, an angelic like being in the visage of a Narn. Many of the people on board view this as a divine sign and that Babylon 5 is a blessed place. G'Kar, however, can think only of the now unopposed Centauri war machine...and the Shadows.[29]

"To all things there is a time...maybe this is theirs."

When Lt. Warren Keffer is killed in hyperspace at the very end of 2259, he managed to send a probe with a few seconds of an image of a Shadow Vessel. Earthforce Special Intelligence sends David Endawi to see if anyone on Babylon 5 knows about the ship. While he is not supposed to officially speak with the Narn, Garibaldi convinces him to talk to G'Kar anyway. G'Kar shows Endawi the Book of G'Quan - specifically, a drawing of a ship that matches the Shadow vessel exactly. He explains that the Shadows came to Narn one thousand years ago, and that G'Quan perceived them to be engaged in some great war beyond the stars. He explains he has been trying to warn everyone for a year but no one will listen—the Shadows have returned.[30]

G'Kar and Mollari, trapped in a transport tube after a bombing

Early in 2260, Babylon 5 is rocked by a series of bombings. G'Kar quickly assigns the blame to the Centauri (and they, of course, blame the Narn). One of bombs causes severe damage, leaving G'Kar trapped with Mollari in an elevator. Mollari is knocked out for two hours, leaving G'Kar to assess the situation. He realizes there is a fire burning beyond the lift, and the smoke will eventually come into the lift and kill them both. When Mollari awakes, he realizes this as well and insists they work together to escape. G'Kar refuses, laughingly stating he would rather see Mollari dead than survive himself. This way, he will get to watch Mollari die and he will not have to raise a finger. However, they are both rescued before they suffocate.[31]

Soon after the station has repaired the bombings, two Narns arrive. One of them is Counselor Na'Far, who explains he is there to replace G'Kar as leader of the Narns on station. He states his belief that G'Kar is instrumental in organizing and promoting the Resistance on Narn, something Na'Far and others want stopped. Na'Far states the time is not right, especially with the Centauri killing 500 Narns for every one of their own killed.

"The damage I'm causing? I didn't invade Narn! I didn't bomb our world with asteroids! Level our cities!"

Na'Far tells G'Kar that many Narns are starving, and that the resistance is keeping the Narns on the homeworld from getting the food sent by the Centauri. G'Kar tells him that they don't want the help of the Centauri, but Na'Far says that Centauri food may be their only chance for survival. G'Kar explodes, telling Na'Far that he isn't responsible for the Narn invasion, and that he doesn't want to be blamed for those problems. G'Kar insists that the resistance is working to secure their own food and resources, but Na'Far despairs that they will ever be able to bring in enough. G'Kar says that the Centauri are simply trying to control them, a fact to which Na'Far concedes, but insists that the time for action is not yet at hand. Na'Far begs G'Kar to postpone his battle against the Centauri and return home, while Na'Far looks after things on Babylon 5. G'Kar says the other Narn on Babylon 5 will not accept Na'Far, and therefore he must stay, but Na'Far tells him that the Centauri will persecute and imprison their families if he remains. Na'Far and his guard, Ta'Lon, leave G'Kar's quarters and are immediately accosted by some of the members of G'Kar's resistance, who insist that he is merely a puppet of the Centauri designed to carry out their will on Babylon 5. A fight nearly breaks out, but is interrupted by G'Kar who stops them and tells them that they cannot succeed if they fight amongst themselves. If the only way to solve these problems is to return to Narn, he agrees to do so.[32]

As G'Kar prepares to leave the station, he is stopped by many Narns, who insist G'Kar is valued and needed on the station. He reminds them that their families may be in jeopardy, but they all realize this and are ready to accept what happens if it means the freedom of all Narns. Even Ta'Lon has been convinced to stay and join the Narn resistance, and tells G'Kar that only with his help can they eventually succeed. G'Kar agrees to stay aboard.[32]

G'Kar hears rumors about the Rangers, and suspects Sheridan and Delenn are working together on putting together a new Alliance. They repeatedly duck his inquiries. When Garibaldi assures him he cannot say anything at the time being, G'Kar replies by giving him his copy of the Book of G'Quan, telling him to read it (and its descriptions about the First Shadow War).[33]


"What is left for Narn if all of creation falls around us? There is nothing: no hope, no dream, no future, no life. Unless we turn from the cycle of death toward something greater...if we fail in this then none of us will be saved, and the Narn will be only a memory."

Kosh in the image of G'Kar's father, 2260

Seeking to find new ways to help the Narn Resistance, G'Kar makes contact with a human drug smuggler to buy Dust, a drug that allows non-telepaths to acquire temporary telepathic abilities. Unsure if the drug will work on Narns but mindful that a thousand years before there were Narn telepaths, G'Kar decides to test the drug on himself.

G'Kar under the effects of Dust

The drug works, but leave him partially delirious. He seeks out Mollari, finding him and Vir Cotto in Mollari's quarters. He knocks out Cotto and drags Mollari to a quiet location in Downbelow, severely beating him in the process. G'Kar then is able to penetrate Mollari's mind, learning many of his secrets—including the fact that it was Mollari who had been at the center of events leading to the War. Trying to learn more about Morden and his associates, G'Kar is quickly overwhelmed by the flood of images and feelings.

"You have the opportunity, here and now, to choose. To become something greater and nobler and more difficult than you have been before. The universe does not offer such chances often, G'Kar."

At his lowest point, he has a vision of his father, who speaks to him about the need for change. He warns G'Kar that the Narn are in danger of extinction—that they must let go of their hatred and the cycle of death with the Centauri, as it will only lead to the death of both sides. He speaks about the oncoming Shadow War and the need for the Narn to be prepared to sacrifice themselves honorably if there is any hope for anyone to survive what is coming. The vision that changes to one of G'Lan.

G'Kar comes out of the effects of the drugs and breaks down in tears over the experience. He fails to observe Kosh nearby, who quietly withdraws without saying anything. Afterwards, he surrenders himself to station security and pleads guilty to the attack. He is sentenced to no less than 60 days in station lockup. He declines Garibaldi's offer to take back the Book of G'Quan, saying he believes he is now closer to the source.[34]

"Everything out there has but one purpose: to distract us from ourselves, from what is truly important."

G'Kar spent the next several weeks confined to his own cell. His only visitor during this time was Mr. Garibaldi, who marveled how peaceful G'kar seemed. G'Kar explained that in confinement, he could not hide from himself. He spent his days meditating, thinking, and even singing (drawing numerous complaints from those who could hear). He also began writing his thoughts down in a book, which would eventually be known as the Book of G'Kar. He first thought he could have it finished by the time he is released.[35]

"I know it is much to ask, but it is well past time, to ask."

When the Earth Alliance declares martial law, G'Kar is released early due to the chaos. He finds Ta'Lon has been keeping vigil outside his quarters since his imprisonment began. G'Kar explains the revelation he has had—how the Narns must be willing to sacrifice themselves by the millions if necessary in order to save the universe itself. He also explains that the key to this is Babylon 5, and it must be protected. He appeals to the Narn community for help, and they agree to follow and do whatever he asks. When the command staff is forced to lock up roughly half its security personnel who are operating through Nightwatch, G'Kar offers the Narns living on station as replacement security officers. Sheridan accepts the offer. G'Kar then insists on being brought in on the new alliance he knows is being formed, and Sheridan agrees to do so as soon as he is able.[36]

That event is delayed, however, when Babylon 5 is forced to declare independence from the Earth Alliance when President Morgan Clark dissolves the Senate and orders the bombing of civilian targets on Mars. At the same time, half the League of Non-Aligned Worlds has gone to war with the other half. A full out battle occurs at Babylon 5. The station is only saved when Ambassador Delenn returns aboard the White Star, with four Sharlin class Minbari warships right behind her.[37]

G'Kar was eager to prove the value of his fellow Narns in their new position. When approached by Delenn and asked to be part of a Minbari Rebirth Ceremony, he declines, stating he is far too busy with his new responsibilities.[38]

"...and they made a very satisfying 'thump' when they hit the floor!"

While dedicated to the new war, G'Kar did not forget the Centauri occupation. He kept arranging for messages to be smuggled off Narn from the families of the Narns aboard the station. While picking up one of these deliveries, he stumbled across a strange human claiming to be King Arthur, who at the time was confronting an entire gang of thugs who were terrorizing innocents in Downbelow. G'Kar joined "Arthur" and they successfully routed the gang.

"I sense in you a warrior spirit, but a priestly manner and refined education...Sir G'Kar."

Afterwards, they went to a tavern to drink heavily, celebrating their victory against ruffians who would prey on the weak. They also discuss their respective histories, with Arthur telling G'Kar the story of the Battle of Camlenn. King Arthur then knights the Narn as Sir G'Kar, the Red Knight—just before G'Kar passed out from too much drink.

After Arthur remembered his true self, David McIntyre (a former Earthforce officer who served in the Earth-Minbari War), G'Kar offered him a place of honor in the Narn Resistance. He arranged for McIntyre to reach Narn, seeing him off from the docking bay.[4]

Conspirator G'Kar[]

"Some must be sacrificed, if all are to be saved... At first I took that as revelation for the future. Now I see it is as much about how we got here as where we're going. I think that one sentence is the greatest burden I have ever known."

G'Kar, 2260

Many weeks would pass without Sheridan making good on his promise, frustrating G'Kar. Sheridan, busy with a mission off station, approached Delenn to discuss bringing G'Kar in. She then insisted on telling G'Kar the whole truth herself.

"So you stayed silent, and with the help of these Shadows the Centauri destroyed my world..."

Delenn invites G'Kar over to her quarters and explains everything to him: the history of the First Shadow War, the prophecies regarding their return, and the knowledge she, Kosh, and the Grey Council had about their return even as the Shadows were assisting the Centauri during the War. She explains that had they spoke out when G'Kar spoke out with his warnings, the only thing that would have changed is that the Shadows would have become aware of their knowledge, tipping their hand, and Narn would have been obliterated entirely rather than decimated, and that billions more across the galaxy would have died. G'Kar is devastated to hear that Delenn knew this all along—he explains that had he learned what she just told him during the bombing of Narn, he surely would have killed her. He recalls the words from his dream again, and realizes the words about sacrifice pertain to the past as well as the future. G'Kar concedes that nothing would be different, and Delenn remarks on how changed G'Kar has been. She tells him she hopes he will one day forgive her—he admits it will not be soon.

Later, Delenn brings G'Kar formally into the new War Council, showing him the new War Room recently built on station. She promises there will be no more distrust between them. That same night, Mr. Garibaldi calls G'Kar, Delenn, Sheridan, and Ivanova into the War Room, explaining he has uncovered a crucial key to victory in the upcoming conflict. He asks G'Kar to read from the Book of G'Quan, which speaks of G'Quan and the last of the Narn telepaths driving the Shadows off Narn during the First Shadow War. The Council realizes telepaths may be the Shadow's one Achilles heel. Even as they do, however, a report comes in that the Shadows are attacking races openly—the Second Shadow War has fully begun.[39]

Needing ships to aid in the defense of the station, Sheridan and G'Kar invite the G'Tok to come to the station. G'Kar meets with Na'Kal and discuss postponing an open strike against the Centauri. When Sheridan seeks to test their theory regarding the Shadow's vulnerability to telepathy, G'Kar asks Na'Kal to have the G'Tok provide escort to the White Star. Na'Kal refuses, feeling it is surely a suicide mission and not wishing to risk one of the few Narn vessels still functioning. After Sheridan embarks on the mission, Garibaldi comes to G'Kar while he sleeps, angrily confronting him about not forcing Na'Kal to go forward. He returns the Book of G'Quan and tells him that the responsibility lies with G'Kar. Accepting what Garibaldi has said, G'Kar convinces not only Na'Kal but a host of other League members to mount a small fleet and rescue Sheridan.[40]

Having proven telepaths can affect the Shadows, the newly christened Army of Light begins taking in telepath volunteers, assigning them to all the races in the Alliance to help fight back against the Shadows, now battling every race across known space. G'Kar offers to send one Narn bodyguard along to protect the telepaths.

Londo Mollari approaches G'Kar at this time, offering him a chance for revenge. He supplies him with irrefutable evidence that Antono Refa was the one who orchestrated the bombardment of Narn, established death camps and genetic cleansing programs, and other means that have resulted in the deaths of millions of Narns. Mollari explains that Refa is a mutual enemy and wants G'Kar's help in killing Refa. As added incentive, he arranges for 2,000 Narns currently in custody to be freed.

The plan involves trapping Refa by having it appear G'Kar has returned to Narn to rescue Na'Toth, still missing ever since the bombings. G'Kar arranges through Mr. Garibaldi to have himself smuggled onto the planet by the Rangers. He is dismayed when he sees how much his world has changed. Meeting up with a dozen members of the Narn resistance, he leads them into the tunnels beneath the ruins of the old capitol building. There they meet Refa and a cadre of guards. Refa learns what has happened when G'Kar plays a message from Mollari. The guards (loyal to Mollari) leave. G'Kar places a Data crystal in Refa's pocket and asks that his face be left intact so that it can be identified. Refa tries to flee but is seized and beaten to death by the other Narn. G'Kar watches for only a moment before walking away. He leaves the planet immediately afterwards.[41]

Once back on Babylon 5, G'Kar arranges for a shipment of 500,000 megaton nuclear bombs to be delivered by the Gaim to be used against the Shadows. A few days later, after Sheridan leaves for Z'ha'dum itself, an armada of Shadow vessels arrive on the station. Even as they do, G'Kar is checking on the nuclear devices and discovers two are missing. He rushes to C'n'C to inform Cmdr. Ivanova, who contemplates detonating them even if it means taking them out along with the enemy. However, the Shadows withdraw mysteriously without attacking. G'Kar and Ivanova both realize it likely means Sheridan is dead.[42]

Prisoner G'Kar[]

"The war we fight is not against powers and principalities: it is against chaos and despair. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this peril we can never surrender. The future is all around us, waiting in moments of transition to be born in moments of revelation. No one knows the shape of that future or where it will take us. We know only that it is always born in pain."

G'Kar, 2260

Over the next week, G'Kar watched as the Army of Light slowly began to dissolve. Word came that Sheridan had perished in a thermonuclear attack on Z'ha'dum and the Shadows had withdrawn completely. The League members decided to withdraw their ships back to their respective states to bolster their own defenses. At a heated meeting of the War Council, G'Kar, Delenn, and Cmdr. Ivanova were unsuccessful in persuading them to remain.

Feeling useless, G'Kar decided to seek out Michael Garibaldi, still missing when his starfury vanished (during the Shadow's feint at the station). Seeing Garibaldi as the only non-Narn friend he truly had, G'Kar felt obligated to find out what happened to him.[43]

G'Kar was able to track down Garibaldi's starfury, which had been picked up and sold as salvage by a human trader. He found the trader on a small, remote human colony. The scavenger, however, refused to speak to G'Kar and a bar fight broke out. G'Kar was assisted by Marcus Cole, a Ranger, who had pursued G'Kar figuring he would need some backup. The two fought their way out of the bar and found a hiding place. Marcus sought out the trader on his own and managed to get a name, which he brought back to G'Kar. While grateful, G'Kar explains to Marcus that his search is a personal one and would prefer to do it on his own. Marcus reluctantly leaves G'Kar behind and returns to Babylon 5.

After Marcus left, Centauri guards find G'Kar's hiding place as he sleeps. He tries to fight, but is shot with a stun gun and captured. He is then brought to Centauri Prime in chains, dragged before Emperor Cartagia in the Royal Palace and presented as a gift to Londo Mollari, now the Minister of Planetary Security. G'Kar's only concern is to ask if they know where Garibaldi might be, but neither Cartagia nor Mollari has any idea.

G'Kar resists the lashes of the whip...

...the pain increases, yet still he resists...

...until finally, the thought of dying and not freeing Narn forced him to give in.

Later that day, while G'Kar rests chained up in his small holding cell after a brutal torture session, Mollari comes to visit him. Mollari explains to G'Kar in detail how he will continue to be tortured and eventually killed—and that he never would have wished it upon his enemy. Mollari then explains that Cartagia is mad and he needs G'Kar's help at removing him. G'Kar recognizes just how desperate Mollari is and issues the price for his help: his world must be set free. Mollari promises to make it happen.[44]

Despite "giving" G'Kar to Mollari, Cartagia still sees fit to amuse himself by torturing G'Kar. His amusement turns to frustration, however, when G'Kar refuses to scream in pain. During one session, Cartagia is so angered he considers cutting off both G'Kar's hands, but the Narn passes out before he can order the plan. While G'Kar enjoys a brief respite from the torture, Mollari comes to him again, telling him that if he does not cry out than the Emperor will have him killed. G'Kar, still clinging to his pride, tells Mollari this is the one thing he cannot be made to do. Mollari reminds him that if he dies, there is no hope for his people's freedom.

In the next session, Cartagia has G'Kar tied to a post to receive lashes from a special whip known as the Electro-whip. The pain increases with each lash, and Cartagia explains that it will only end when G'Kar screams—or when the total reaches 40, which will be enough to kill him. Cartagia forces Mollari to watch. G'Kar endures to the 39th stroke before crying out in anguish.[45]

Despite knowing it had to happen, the blow to G'Kar mentally is a strong one. He glares at Cartagia silently as the Emperor has him moved from his cell and prepared to board a ship (Mollari has convinced Cartagia to have G'Kar's "trial" on the Narn homeworld itself). The Emperor is so unsettled by it that he asks Mollari for advice on how to deal with it. Preoccupied with his plans to assassinate Cartagia, Mollari unthinkingly tells him to do what he thinks is best. As a result, the Emperor orders one of his guards to pluck out one of G'Kar's eyes, not caring which initially, but choosing the left at the last minute.[46]

Savior of Narn[]

After arriving on Narn, Mollari visits G'Kar in his cell, and is shocked to find that the Narn's left eye has been plucked out because he failed to speak up. G'Kar tells Mollari that he "sees" things more clearly now, and that the Centauri's heart is empty. Mollari ignores G'Kar's statement and explains that the Narn is to be paraded through the streets of the capital and then into the palace and before Cartagia. Mollari tells G'Kar that everything is in place and he need only break his chains (which have been weakened) and create enough of a disturbance for Mollari and his agents to assassinate Cartagia unhampered. He warns that if G'Kar touches the Emperor, then Narn will never be free.

Unknown to either G'Kar or Mollari, the Emperor has ordered G'Kar's weakened chains replaced. Despite this, despite having been beaten, tortured, starved, and made to carry a heavy beam across the city, G'Kar finds the strength to break the chains. Other Narns have been brought to the palace to witness his "trial" and they join him in creating the necessary distraction. Cartagia dies in what looks like a fatal heart attack. Mollari convinces what is left of the Royal Court that they should take it as a sign from the gods to abandon Narn. The other nobles agree, feeling there is nothing there but ruins anyway. The Centauri announce they will be withdrawing and begin to evacuate.

Word sweeps across the planet. As the Centauri abandon the palace, a group of young Narns begin to tear up the throne room in celebration. G'Kar wanders in and questions them. They tell him they want him to be their ruler and lead them in glorious revenge against the Centauri. G'Kar refuses to become a dictator and tells them that they have to let go of their desire for revenge. One of the Narns, G'Lorn, calls him a coward, asking what he endured during the occupation. G'Kar, blind in one eye and still covered in his injuries, merely walks out, caught between laughter and tears.[47]

Soon thereafter, Captain Sheridan (seemingly returned from the dead) manages to bring about the end of the Second Shadow War following the Battle of Coriana VI.

Presumably, at this time the Kha'Ri is reinstated, at least in a basic manner, and G'Kar resumes his former place among them. He also resumes his post at the Narn ambassador the Babylon 5.

Wounds Run Deep[]

"I have seen what power costs. And I have seen what power does. The one is never equal to the other."

G'Kar, 2261

Ambassador G'Kar returns to Babylon 5 shortly thereafter, with the Shadow War over and the ancient enemy gone forever (along with the Vorlons and the rest of the First Ones). Dr. Franklin treats G'Kar's eye, replacing it with a prosthetic that operate outside of his body, amusing G'Kar greatly (though he is initially distraught that it resembles a human eye, though Franklin promises it will eventually be adjusted).

Mollari soon arrives on the station. Having been appointed Prime Minister, Mollari has decided he wanted some distance from the capital, as many of Cartagia's supporters or other enemies of his might still be about, leaving Centauri Prime in the care of a regent. G'Kar confronts him coldly, telling him that now that Narn is free, Mollari "no longer existed in [his] world."[48]

G'Kar can not so easily avoid Mollari completely, however. A month or two after the War is over, Captain Sheridan invites both men to a meeting. He explains about a few recent raids by a mysterious race called the Drakh. Sheridan wants to keep all the races cooperating and working together and asks G'Kar and Mollari to allow the Rangers to patrol their respective borders with the White Star fleet. G'Kar is reluctant at first, but eventually agrees.[49]

In September, 2261, Sheridan calls for an emergency session of the Council and the League to discuss the status of the Earth Alliance Civil War. With President Clark completely out of control, Sheridan and his allies have decided to strike back and liberate their home. Sheridan asks the Centauri, Narn, and all the other races that have mutual defense treaties with Earth to suspend them for the duration of the civil war. G'Kar enthusiastically supports Sheridan's request and all others present unanimously agree.

Mollari decides to go a step further. He meets with G'Kar in his quarters. Despite the cool reception he receives, Mollari candidly tells his one time enemy that he no longer wishes to be trapped in the same old cycle. He wants to build something better. Recalling the drink G'Kar bought him just before the Narn-Centauri War, Mollari offers G'Kar a drink and proposes that they shift from a neutral party to rendering more active assistance to Sheridan. G'Kar says nothing, only turns down the drink, making Mollari leave feeling disappointed. A few hours later, however, G'Kar meets him in the Zocalo and does have a drink. He agrees to Mollari's proposal—but insists his name not be on the same page as Mollari's when it is signed.[50]

Building the New Alliance[]

When the Earth Alliance Civil War ends, G'Kar along with the members of the League of Non Aligned Worlds agree to the formation of the new Interstellar Alliance. G'Kar and the other League representatives travel to Earth to address the government there and offer them the chance to join the new organization. G'Kar himself speaks at a press conference alongside the interim Earth Alliance president, Susanna Luchenko.

G'Kar and Mollari are both present at the wedding of Sheridan and Delenn, and after the ceremony share a drink. During this Mollari asks G'Kar how he feels about making history, to which G'Kar responds (while eating the wedding rice) that "you cannot hope to make history, you can only hope to survive it." They also share a joke when G'Kar indirectly reveals he has left his seeing eye in the couple's suite to spy on their love-making.[51]

Back on Babylon 5, G'Kar continues to function as the diplomatic representative for the Narn while serving on the advisory board for the Alliance. He makes many contributions to the Alliance's formation, including the presidential oath of office and the Declaration of Principles.[52][53] When Mollari is fighting for his life in Medlab after suffering a heart attack, G'Kar makes the surprising move of joining Cotto as he keeps vigil at Mollari's bedside. After Mollari awakens to apologize profoundly to G'Kar, something he has never done before in all his life, G'Kar is moved. Overcome with emotion, he can offer no response.[54]

Bodyguard and Religious Figure[]

During this time, G'Kar and Mollari unconsciously draw closer together, despite their occasional barb exchanges. For example, when the two take shelter together while Babylon 5 repels an attack from an unknown alien force, they share some intimate details about their respective childhoods.[55] In 2262, Delenn asks G'Kar to act as a bodyguard for Londo Mollari when Mollari returns to his homeworld to prepare for the position of Emperor. She requested this not only to protect Mollari from the scheming nobles of the royal court, but also to serve as an important symbol that two races that had once so hated each other could work together. But what really makes G'Kar agree to the idea is the anticipation of seeing the shocked reactions of the Centauri nobility at seeing a Narn in their midst.[56]

Despite outward prejudice from members of the royal court, G'Kar stays at Mollari's side constantly on Centauri Prime, even sleeping in his room at the foot of his bed. Indeed, G'Kar proves to be an able bodyguard, saving Mollari at least once. While there, G'Kar is presented with the electro-whip that was used on him along with the guard who wielded it, courtesy of Minister Vole, an enemy of Mollari's. Possibly to embarrass Mollari, Vole invites G'Kar to freely use the electro-whip to avenge himself on the guard, but the Narn surprises everyone - and possibly impresses some-when he declines the offer, stating that the guard was only acting on the orders of Cartagia who is now dead.[57] Later, while he and Mollari examine reports of increased military spending by the Centauri government although they are not officially at war, G'Kar stops to wonder why fresh spoo - which can only be eaten by his own kind - is being sent to the unused underground cells of the royal palace. He discovers that his former diplomatic aide and friend Na'Toth, still alive after having been assumed dead during the Narn-Centauri War, is being held prisoner there. In short order, G'Kar and Mollari smuggle her out of the palace disguised as a veiled Centauri noblewoman and eventually transfer her to a Narn ship on their way back to Babylon 5.[58]

After the pair arrive on the station, G'Kar receives a new artificial eye that is the proper color. He also learns that the book of religious observations he had been writing was taken from his quarters by Ta'Lon and subsequently published, much to G'Kar's surprise. As months pass, G'Kar becomes a spiritual figure, with many Narns coming to him for guidance. Although uncomfortable in this role, he does his best to help those around him understand his message of unity.[59]

G'Kar again becomes a bodyguard when Mollari returns to Centauri Prime to investigate Centauri attacks on Alliance shipping lanes. Delenn warns G'Kar that the Alliance blockade and boycott of Centauri ships would soon develop into war, and that if G'Kar ran into trouble, no one would be sent to help him. Regardless of Delenn's concerns, G'Kar leaves. Once he is on the Centauri homeworld, G'Kar is quickly locked in a cell over Mollari's objections. Mollari goes so far as to have himself incarcerated with G'Kar as repayment for his loyal service and testament to their fledgling friendship.[60] While imprisoned, G'Kar and Mollari continued to talk about Mollari's plan and their predicament. He eventually helped Mollari get out while saving face at the same time by inducing vomiting.[61] When Narn and Drazi forces bombarded Centauri Prime, G'Kar was soon injured, but then saved by Mollari and taken to a normal room. Mollari left to find the Emperor and came back in a different state. G'Kar learned that Virini had just died and Mollari is to become Emperor. Mollari insists G'Kar leave the planet, as it will probably not be safe for him. He also tells G'Kar not to believe everything he hears about him in the future, but G'Kar interrupts and says he understands. Before he left, G'Kar then surprised Mollari by forgiving not all Centauri, but Mollari himself.

G'Kar went and joined Sheridan and Delenn, also in the Palace at the time. They watched Mollari's statement in which he declared the Republic's withdrawal from the Alliance. Mollari himself came by afterwards and insisted they all leave. G'Kar bid him a final goodbye.[62]

G'Kar's spiritual following continues to grow. His seemingly miraculous survival on Centauri Prime threatens to turn the movement into a full-scale cult of personality. Even the Kha'Ri are swept up, demanding that he return to Narn for his blessing, or more.

Exploring the Unknown and Later Years[]

Horrified by these developments, G'Kar realizes that he needs to put some distance between himself and the mythos that is building around him. At the same time, Lyta Alexander is captured for financing terrorist activities on behalf of the telepath resistance; this and her increasing powers have made her a greater threat the longer she remained aboard Babylon 5. Seeing no choice, G'Kar elects to remove himself from public view until a time when he can tear down the cult of personality surrounding him and once more serve his people. As G'Kar prepares to leave, he offers to take Alexander with him as a travelling companion, believing that he could help Alexander heal her anger and encourage her to move on to something better. She eventually accepts, and he arranges to have Ta'Lon take over his duties as Narn representative on Babylon 5.[63][64]

Travelling in a ship that G'Kar has named the Na'Toth, the pair happens upon a derelict Psi Corps vessel, its crew of one hundred thirty human telepaths missing. The ship's logs guides them to an unexplored planet where G'Kar encounters what appears to be a small community of Narns that have survived the crash of a Centauri slave ship. G'Kar deduces that the community is nothing more than an illusion created by the planet's biosphere, which had evolved into a telepathically linked hive consciousness. He engages the hive mind in a conversation about the meaning of existence, distracting it long enough for Alexander to deliver a crippling telepathic blow.[65]

G'Kar and Alexander eventually part ways and G'Kar returns to Alliance space. His exact duties within the Alliance during these years are not known. He continues to operate as an Ambassador-at-Large, using his prestige as a religious figure and his cache as a one of the founding leaders of the Alliance to solidify the ties binding its member worlds together. It is known that he helps a group of Rangers with a rescue mission and participates in a diplomatic conference at Babylon 5 in March of 2265.[66] His involvement with the Narn homeworld and its politics is limited, but he emerges from seclusion to directly address the Kha'Ri about his newly found daughter, G'Ryka (name of mother uncertain). Despite the fact that she has grown up with adoptive human parents after the Centauri bombardment of Narn, G'Kar successfully argues that his daughter is still entirely Narn and deserves to inherit his position in the Kha'Ri.[67]

In 2271 on a visit to Babylon 5, G'Kar learns that Stephen Franklin is there purchasing a small explorer vessel, with the intent of exploring worlds out on the Rim. Not one to miss an opportunity to venture into the unknown, G'Kar invites himself along as Franklin's travelling companion.[68]

In 2275, G'Kar is on Centauri Prime using a Changeling Net to disguise his appearance, when at a public address attended by Emperor Mollari and Prime Minister Durla, he foils an attempt on the Prime Minister's life. To save him from being executed as an off world spy and in gratitude for saving Durla's life, G'Kar is made a guest of the Royal Palace.[2]

In December 2278, on the last day of his life (sans his artificial eye courtesy of Durla), Mollari reveals the keeper on his neck to G'Kar and his plan to free Sheridan and Delenn. To stop Shiv'kala from preventing this, at Mollari's request G'Kar attempts to kill him as an act of mercy. After Sheridan and Delenn are escorted to a waiting ship by a guard, Mollari asks, "Are you there, my old friend?" G'Kar emerges from the shadows. The two exchange a few words and then G'Kar begins to to strangle Mollari. Mollari's sleeping keeper awakens and forces the elderly emperor to choke G'Kar. Both die at each other's hands. After the Centauri Republic is liberated from the Drakh, Cotto, having succeeded Mollari as emperor, has two large gold statues of Mollari and G'Kar placed at the gates of the capital city, positioned so as to appear they are watching each other's backs.[69][2]

Mollari and G'Kar last meeting

In 2281, as Sheridan's life draws to a close, he and Delenn hold one last private dinner with Cotto, Franklin, Garibaldi, and Ivanova. As they toast the memories of those from their days on Babylon 5 who have passed away, Garibaldi names G'Kar.[70]

G'Kar and Faith[]

G'kar is an intensely spiritual person, initially a devout follower of the teachings of G'Quan.

As time passes he has a revelation after taking Dust and invading Londo Mollari's mind telepathically and ends up spending time in jail for his crime. During this time he writes down his own book, the Book of G'Kar; ultimately, it is released without his consent when he is on Centauri Prime and becomes a best seller, making him into an unwilling religious leader in his own right.


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