G'Leel was a Narn and the second-in-command of the transport ship, Khatkhata.[1]

She began crewing transport ships in 2251. In June 2258 she switched to a non-Narn shipping company based on Stabota 5. Upon joining the Khatkhata, she had been on three scheduled jumps to the Thenothk system. The captain, Ko'Vin had forced the entire crew to retire to their quarters for 4 days on their trip to Thenothk, so she did not know the coordinates or the route the ship traveled. On her last trip to the system, she snuck out of her quarters and discovered that not only was the ship delivering supplies to a mysterious ship, their cargo included Human telepaths.

She informed Galen and Isabelle of a large city being built on Thenothk IV where huge numbers of aliens are immigrating, including the Drakh as well as small numbers of Humans, Narn and Drazi.


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