"It is too late for me, G'Kar. It is not too late for you. Honor my name. name."

G'Qarn's last words.

G'Qarn[2] was a slave living with his mate Na'Laq and son G'kar in the household of a wealthy Centauri aristocrat and Spoo ranch owner in G'Kamazad.[3][4][5]


G'Kar, "remembering" his father's death

During the final years of the First Centauri Occupation of Narn, with Na'Laq too ill to escape into the underground and her family unwilling to abandon her they were stuck where they were and with the resistance growing and striking further into Centauri holdings each day, life in the house was tense.

One day, when G'kar was still young, G'Qarn spilled a drink on the mistress of the house. She responded by having him beaten and strung up by his hands to a Jalwah tree in the yard, leaving him there to die. On the third day, against his mother's orders, G'Kar went to him just before he died. His father's last words were a plea for G'Kar to remember him and honor his name. That same day, G'Kar ran away and killed his first Centauri.[6][7]


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