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To you, I give the grain, the light and the sky. To you, a sacred heritage. To you, the land and sea.So spoke G'Quan, at the dawn of all mornings.

G'Quan was a major Narn religious figure and prophet.

Living during the time of the First Shadow War, the Shadows had set up a base on Narn Homeworld, but most Narn did not know why they were there. G'Quan believed they were engaged in a war and made notes about their base and goings-on.[1] During this time food was scarce, and the Narn broods hoarded their vegetables rather than share with one another, but he influenced them to unite by having each Narn bring a vegetable to where he was boiling a huge cauldron of water, requesting them to drop their vegetables in thus creating a communal soup (this would be celebrated on his hatching day) Later, G'Quan led the Narn "Mind Walkers" against the Shadows.[2] In this struggle, G'Quan was supported by G'Lan, along with a number of other such beings.[3][4]

Most of what is known of him is through the Book of G'Quan, an apparently first-hand account of his life. The book describes a spirit of darkness that moved across the land, screaming in the dreams of the Mind Walkers and killing them and their families. Illustrations within the book may also indicate an encounter with a Soldier of Darkness.

Drawing in the book of G'Quan of a Shadow Vessel.

The leaf of what became known as the G'Quan Eth plant, became the symbol of the faith that grew up around G'Quan's teachings.

Drawing in the book of G'Quan of a Soldier of Darkness.

The G'Quan class heavy cruiser was named in his honor.

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