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G'Quan Eth is a plant of great religious significance to the followers of G'Quan and is the symbol of their faith. An image of a G'Quan Eth leaf is embossed onto the cover of the Book of G'Quan.[1][2]

The plant itself is an integral part of the culmination of the Holy Days of G'Quan. In the final ceremony - in which followers of G'Quan are required to participate or be present - the G'Quan Eth is burned as incense as first rays of sunlight pass over the G'Quan Mountain on the Narn Homeworld. The Centauri on the other hand, prefer to use the seeds of the G'Quan Eth with a certain mix of alcohol to create a very potent drink.

Following the ecological devastation wrought by the First Centauri Occupation of Narn and the inherent difficulty in growing the plant, it became an endangered species and by 2258, a rare and very expensive commodity.

The Earth Alliance treats the G'Quan Eth plant as a controlled substance.

In 2258, an accident involving the freighter Tal’Quith destroyed the G'Quan Eth Ambassador G'Kar had procured for the imminent Days of G'Quan. Londo Mollari was in possession of the only other G'Quan Eth on Babylon 5, which following a series of incidents was later handed over to the Narn following an intervention by Commander Sinclair.