G'Quan Soup is a medley of various vegetables that is traditionally made communally and consumed to honor the hatchday of G'Quan. The precise ingredients aren't considered important, only that each brood member bring one vegetable.[1]

Its history dates back to the time of G'Quan and his days in Talree, on the continent of Var when G'Quan brought the scattered clans and broods together to fight the darkness. As told in the Book of G'Quan, at the time the local clans did not trust one another and were hoarding food rather than sharing with those that needed it. G'Quan brought them together in a meadow, asking that each person bring just a single vegetable which G'Quan then asked them to toss into a huge pot of boiling water that he had prepared. They did so and once all had contributed G'Quan invited each person in turn to come forth and dip their bowl into the soup. With this act, G'Quan demonstrated that if each Narn is willing to make a small sacrifice for the common good then all will ultimately benefit.