G'Quan class heavy cruisers were the backbone of the Narn Regime's naval forces up until their defeat by the Centauri Republic in 2259.

The majority of the G'Quan-class cruisers were destroyed during the Narn-Centauri War, with the greatest losses suffered at the Battle of Gorash VII. In an attempt to destroy the main Centauri supply base, Warleader G'Sten lead an armada made up of the the bulk of the Narn fleet in an all-out frontal assault on a planet called Gorash VII. Unfortunately the planet was guarded by a small fleet of Shadow vessels which intercepted the Narn armada, completely annihilated it and taking only slight damage to one of their vessels. [1]

Despite this, a few Narn cruisers did manage to survive the war, though most were crippled and left to drift during the Centauri's rush to advance on the Narn Homeworld, they were later salvaged by the resistance, often requiring one ship to be cannibalised to repair another. Only the G'Tok was left fully functional, thanks to the intervention of Babylon 5 forces and it would later play a key role in the war against the Shadows. [2] [3]

Following the liberation of Narn from Centauri rule in 2261, the Narns quickly began to rebuild their fleet, and within a few years many new G'Quan-class cruisers had been placed into service. [4]

Bridge of G'Quan Class

The bridge of a G'Quan Class heavy cruiser

Known Vessels


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