Narn Cruiser

Technical specifications


Mass:18.6 million metric tons



Fighter:12 Frazi fighter craft

Power:3 Fusion reactors

Weapon systems:2 Particle lasers, 6 pulse cannons, Energy mines (2 launchers)

Defense systems:6-8m armored hull, Electromagnetic defenses

These were the backbone of the Narn Regimes naval forces up until there defeat by the Centari Republic in 2259, these are superior shps to the Earth Alliance Hyperion class heavy cruiser but inferior to the newer Omega class destroyers. When this vessels was first designed in 2244 there were rumoures that despite its size this vessels was capable of atmospheric manovering whihc ment that the Narn had developed artificial gravity , but Centari spies later confired that this was untrue and th arn were no way near to developing artificial gravity. Many of thes rumures were circulated by the Narv government itself in order to promote the belief that the Narn were more technologically advanced that they really were in order to frighten potential enemies.

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