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"I read your book in freshman literature class, Dad. It was pretty good...for a first draft."

Jerrica Thomas to G'Kar

G'Ryka, or Jerrica Thomas as she was called by her adoptive parents was a Narn girl who was evacuated from the Narn Homeworld to Earth during the last days of the Narn-Centauri War.[1]

Jerrica would spend the next ten years of her life being raised by Human parents, living in San Francisco. Not wanting to deprive her of her cultural heritage, the Thomas family eventually sent Jerrica to the Narn Academy of San Francisco - a rather prestigious prep school - where she learnt to speak fluent Narn and become familiar with the entire history and cultural heritage of the Narn race. In late 2269 Jerrica visited Narn for the first time in ten years, where she met True Seeker Alisa Beldon who was working with a finder's program in the new Narn Capital Moxtoke. Alisa set out to help her trace her biological family, though she quickly discovered that someone else already knew of G'Ryka's return to Narn and they wanted her dead. Fearing for the young girl's life, Alisa left Jerrica in the care of an old acquaintance, the famous Na'Toth, while Beldon left to break in to the genetic archives of the Kha'Ri and discover Jerrica's true parentage.


  • According to Counselor Na’Farl, the name "G'Ryka" is derived from both of her parents' names: "G’ being the pronoun of her father, the Holy G’Kar, and Ryka being a conglomeration of her mother’s name and a unique suffix."


Canonbox default The following is based on Non-canon Novels and contradicts canon sources.
  • While the name of G'Ryka's mother is only alluded to in ("True Seeker"), G'Kar's mate has been given two distinct names in the non-canon novels; "Da'Kal" in ("Blood Oath") and "J'Ntiel" in ("Clark's Law"), however, neither name bears any notable similarity or evidence of a relationship to "Ryka".