The Babylon Project

Warleader G'Sten was the leader of the Narn Regime assault on Gorash VII in 2259. He was also an uncle of Ambassador G'Kar, with whom he seemed to share a close relationship, referring to G'Kar as his "favorite nephew."

Narn intelligence had shown that the base was lightly guarded, and G'Sten concluded that it would be the perfect target for a decisive military strike against the Centauri Republic. Unfortunately, Centauri intelligence had learned of this move, the Cenauri nobleman in command, Lord Antono Refa, correctly interpreted the information as an opportunity for a plan of his own. After applying sufficient pressure on his compatriot, Londo Mollari, to make sure that a fleet of Shadow vessels were guarding Gorash, Lord Refa arranged Centauri forces to headed for the Narn homeworld.

For his part, Ambassador G'Kar received intelligence that the Centrauri likely knew that the Narn strike force was coming, but his desperate pleas to G'Sten to call off the attack were disregarded by the Warleader as the plan was too far advanced in execution to do so.

During the assault, just as G'Kar had feared, G'Sten was killed by the Shadows along with the entire Narn fleet that he was leading. The Narn people paid a high price for G'Sten's imprudence considering his defeat left the Narn homeworld open to a devastating bombardment by mass drivers by the Centauri until it was forced to surrender[1]