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"The Queens be with you."

Gaim valediction

The Gaim are a methane-breathing insectoid race.[1]


An Explorer Drone wearing an Encounter suit.

As methane breathers, Gaim Explorer Drones (those Gaim most commonly seen off their homeworld) must wear specialized encounter suits in order to survive in a non-native atmosphere.

Social Structure[]

At the apex of Gaim social order is the queen. Since a given Gaim is obedient to its queen on a genetic level, rebellion and disobedience are physical impossibilities unless induced chemically. Lower level Gaim can be influenced to alter their allegiance from one queen to another when exposed to certain airborne chemicals. As such, pheromone warfare is a standard component of Gaim cold war tactics. Each Gaim within their society is genetically designed for a specific task oriented purpose, and even the queens themselves are designed by their progenitors. Individuals in Gaim society range from very intelligent, completely autonomous multi-talented advisors to the queen to non-intelligent, bio-mechanical worker drones. Since the function of Gaim workers and drones does not change, there is no possibility for any kind of social advancement in Gaim society. Rewards for a task well done are given in the form of chemical enhancements since Gaim are designed to feel pleasure when a task is done well, while a failure triggers fear.


The Gaim have no religion, reasoning that since the existence of a god cannot be proven, it does not exist. A nestling once attempted to prove the existence of a god, but the Queen ate him. They are loyal only to the Queens.

Glossary of Gaim Terminology[]

  • Advisor Drones: Highly intelligent, completely autonomous and multi talented drones. Designed to advise the Queens and are often loaned out to alien worlds along with warrior drones as mercenaries.
  • Balloon Drones: Large drones that use buoyancy to fly through N'chak'fah's thick atmosphere. Used to transport drones from one nest to another.
  • Explorer Drone: Bipedal ambassador Drones used for interacting with alien races. A relatively new class.
  • Kah'un'zom: Hunter-gatherer drones of the nest that "seek, find and bring back."
  • Mind-talker: Gaim term for telepaths.
  • Nest: A massive communal dwelling.
  • Queen: Ruling monarch over the nest and a master geneticist, herself designed by her immediate predecessor.
  • Shiv'tel: A type of organic fighter craft.
  • Warrior Drones: Extremely tough and ferocious in battle, designed only to fight and kill for their Queen.
  • Worker Drones: Non-intelligent bio-mechanical drones, designed to be the Nest's laborers.


  • The Gaim have a natural aversion to the color green; to them, green means "danger."
  • Being subterranean nest dwellers, the Gaim are naturally agoraphobic and the sight of open space instills great fear in them.
  • The Gaim have never evolved natural telepaths, or as they call them, "mind-talkers," nor apparently have they or others been able to engineer the ability in any of their drones.
  • The Gaim were named after Neil Gaiman, and their masks designed to strongly resemble the mask of Dream, the titular character in Gaiman's graphic novel, The Sandman[2]


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