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Ganya Ivanov was an Earthforce Starfury pilot during the Earth-Minbari War and the older brother of Susan Ivanova.


Ganya was born in the Russian Consortium, the son of Andrei and Sofie Ivanov and the older brother of Susan. In 2246, when Ganya was still an adolescent, his mother committed suicide, the result of severe depression brought on by drugs that the Psi Corps legally required all non-Corps telepaths to take regularly.[1]

Ganya enlisted (or was drafted) into Earthforce when the Earth-Minbari War broke out the same year as his mother's death. After training as a fighter pilot, he was assigned to the EAS Lexington. Before shipping out, Ivanov met with his sister, who had come to see him off, greeting her with an affectionate hug. While they both knew their father would be opposed to it, she revealed her intention to join Earthforce as soon as she was able. She also gave him one of her earrings, one that she had lost years before and he had found, calling it "lucky."[2]

While on patrol, Ivanov was killed in a Minbari ambush by a flyer from the Minbari war cruiser Black Star in 2247. His death left a greater void in the family, causing his father to succumb to severe grief.[3]

Susan would wear just the one remaining earring for the rest of her life in honor of her brother.