The Babylon Project

Glasir (UTC51-03B) was a Class 4 Planet surveyed by Catherine Sakai for Universal Terraform in 2259. [1]

Sakai arrived over Glasir three weeks after her puzzling survey of Ymir, having still not received a response from the company regarding her report of the unusual activity at her last survey site. Her survey of Glasir on the other hand managed to turn up a significant amount of Quantium 40, proving to be an excellent prospect for mining.

Shortly before leaving orbit to plot a course to Skirnir, she received a cryptic message from Sinclair among her standard set of mission updates and jumpgate sequence codes that read "Catherine, Remember Sigma 957? Your current situation is different-but similar. Be careful. All my love, Jeff".

Taking the message to be some kind of warning and after what she had seen at Ymir, Sakai decided to take no chances and altered her automated jumpgate and orbital procedures program so if anyone had intercepted her instructions from the company and came looking for her, the Skydancer would be somewhere else, not on the company specified flight plan.