The Babylon Project

"There's no reason to speak to me in that fashion."
"Oh, God. We've got four hours to live, and you're worried about being rude?"

Dr. Gonzales and Dr. Franklin

Gonzales was a doctor working in Earthdome under the Earth Medical Association.

In 2260, Dr. Gonzales liaised with Dr. Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5 to answer a series of questions on biology from an unknown alien probe. Gonzales managed to find most of the required data, though two of the questions in molecular biology were very advanced. Dr. Franz Mueller was the only published doctor in this area and Gonzales wasn't able to get ahold of him as Mueller was on vacation at the time. When Gonzales transmitted most of the data requested, a furious Dr. Franklin tells Gonzales to use Mueller's emergency code and threatens to send a report on her incompetence to Earthdome that'll have her disbarred from the EMA.[1]