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Gravity (g) is one of the four main forces within the standard model of particle physics. Gravity has been historically defined as the mass between two objects. Gravity is defined throughout the universe by a gravitational constant, which sets the relative strength of the force.

Earth, Centauri Prime, Narn and Minbar were all examples of planets with one standard gravity (1g).

The surface gravity on Mars is only about 40% of the surface gravity on Earth. Because Martian gravity less than Earth normal, baseballs traveled faster and further, which some say skewed the results of the game.[1]

The constantly changing gravitational inclines of Hyperspace made ship-to-ship combat dangerous.[2]


Many space faring species had Artificial gravity on their vessels, either through advanced technology, such as Gravimetrics,[3][4] or with rotating sections.[5]

A Minbari gravitation ring is small type of device that can increase local gravity at least five or six times.[6]

Zero gravity hydroponic farms in orbit around Jupiter farm Jovian tubers.[7]

In 2260, after attacking the colony on Ganymede, a crazed Shadow Vessel was lured into Jupiter's atmosphere by White Star 1 under the command of, John Sheridan, where it was trapped by the gravity well and crushed by the extreme atmospheric pressure.[8]


The Throxtil were from a world that had gravity 5 times one standard gravity.[9]