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Anla'Shok Alwyn Macomber helping to rebuild Earth after the Great Burn.

"And so it came to pass that in the five hundredth year of the Alliance, the children of Earth did war, one upon another with missiles and terrible weapons. And they burned the Earth and the air and the cities and the sea."

From the Holy Books (post Great Burn)

The Great Burn was the name given to the destruction that consumed much of the Earth as a result of the Second Earth Alliance Civil War. Most of the planet's major settlements were destroyed in the conflict, which may have involved nuclear weapons. The civil war that caused this great devastation began when Prole Sector and the ISA loyalist faction of the Earth Alliance preemptively attacked Politdivision Central in 2762, after learning of the plans of the anti-ISA faction to simultaneously attack civilian targets in the Earth colonies and the loyalist nations of Earth.

As a result of the Great Burn, Earth was reduced to a pre-industrial status, with much of its population becoming technophobes, blaming science for the tragedies of the world. However, stories and records of individuals like "Blessed Sheridan," "Ivanova the Strong," "Delenn the Wise," and Lorien remained in the form of myths and prophecies. The Anla'shok infiltrated societal institutions, including the Roman Catholic Church, in order to slowly reintroduce advanced technology and take the people of Earth back to the stars, eventually succeeding.[1]

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