"Damn Lurkers. We ought to space all of them."
"Hanson. Were you in the war?"
"No, I missed it."
"He didn't."
"How do you know?"
"I've had that same dream."

Hanson and Garibaldi discussing Amis

Hanson was a human security officer working on Babylon 5 in 2259.

In March, 2259 Hanson, Jackson, Zack Allan and Michael Garibaldi escorted Ms. Talia Winters to meet with Amanda Carter, not realising that Abel Horn was in the suite waiting for her. After a brief stand-off Sheridan arrived and attempted to talk Horn down, but in the end was forced to shoot him, initiating a self-destruct and forcing the team to clear the area.[1] In June 2259 he encountered ex-GROPOS Amis after Chief Garibaldi arrested him for disturbing the peace in the Zócalo.[2]

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