" It’s not what you can do, it’s who you know! Typical! "
– Harry Sanders

Harry Sanders is a man who tried passing himself off as a Telepath.

Hearing that Babylon 5 was hiring telepaths, Harry went before Zack with a full set of falsified documents to prove he was a telepath- that, or perhaps they were stolen and once belonged to someone else. Seemingly not knowing what the job was really about and only interested in pay, Zack asked him if he was a member of Psi-Corps. When he answered no and attempted to explain why the Corps knew nothing about him or that he simply escaped, Zack realized that he was a fraud and told him to leave. Then he made a pathetic attempt to get Zack to except him regardless of the fact, but it didn’t work. Furious about being rejected he walked out of the room. [1]


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