The Babylon Project

Babylon 5, Crusade, and the related TV Movies have had several Home Video Releases.



The entire five season run of Babylon 5 was released on VHS by Columbia House. This was available via mail order subscription. Portions of Babylon 5 on VHS were released via retail channels by Warner Home Video. The Warner Home Video releases came with promotional trading cards. The following volumes and boxed sets were available:

Note: There are inconsistencies in the volume numbering below. This is accurate to the products as released and are not typographical errors.

Babylon 5: The Collection[]

Volume 1.1[]
Volume 1.2[]
Volume 1.3[]

Mind Probers[]

Volume 1.4[]
Volume 1.5[]
Volume 1.6[]


Volume 1.7[]
Volume 1.8[]
Volume 1.9[]

Epsilon Chronicle[]

Volume 1.10[]
Volume 1.11[]
Volume 1.12[]

New Command[]

Volume 2.0[]
Volume 2.1[]
Volume 2.2[]

Diplomats & Warriors[]

Volume 2.4[]
Note: There was no volume 2.3
Volume 2.5[]
Volume 2.6[]

The Death Cloud[]

Volume 4.1[]
Volume 4.2[]
Volume 4.3[]

Volume 5.1[]

Note: This volume was not part of a boxed set.

Interstellar Alliance[]

Volume 5.2[]
Volume 5.3[]
Volume 5.4[]


Volume 5.5[]
Volume 5.6[]
Volume 5.7[]

Centauri Doomsday[]

Volume 5.8[]
Volume 5.9[]
Volume 5.10[]

Journey's End[]

Volume 5.11[]
Volume 5.12[]

Aspect Ratios[]

The VHS releases were in a 4:3 (fullscreen) aspect ratio. DVD releases were in 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio.