Babylon 5, Crusade, and the related TV Movies have had several Home Video Releases.



The entire five season run of Babylon 5 was released on VHS by Columbia House. This was available via mail order subscription. Portions of Babylon 5 on VHS were released via retail channels by Warner Home Video. The Warner Home Video releases came with promotional trading cards. The following volumes and boxed sets were available:

Note: There are inconsistencies in the volume numbering below. This is accurate to the products as released and are not typographical errors.

Babylon 5: The CollectionEdit

Volume 1.1Edit
Volume 1.2Edit
Volume 1.3Edit

Mind ProbersEdit

Volume 1.4Edit
Volume 1.5Edit
Volume 1.6Edit


Volume 1.7Edit
Volume 1.8Edit
Volume 1.9Edit

Epsilon ChronicleEdit

Volume 1.10Edit
Volume 1.11Edit
Volume 1.12Edit

New CommandEdit

Volume 2.0Edit
Volume 2.1Edit
Volume 2.2Edit

Diplomats & WarriorsEdit

Volume 2.4Edit
Note: There was no volume 2.3
Volume 2.5Edit
Volume 2.6Edit

The Death CloudEdit

Volume 4.1Edit
Volume 4.2Edit
Volume 4.3Edit

Volume 5.1Edit

Note: This volume was not part of a boxed set.

Interstellar AllianceEdit

Volume 5.2Edit
Volume 5.3Edit
Volume 5.4Edit


Volume 5.5Edit
Volume 5.6Edit
Volume 5.7Edit

Centauri DoomsdayEdit

Volume 5.8Edit
Volume 5.9Edit
Volume 5.10Edit

Journey's EndEdit

Volume 5.11Edit
Volume 5.12Edit

Aspect RatiosEdit

The VHS releases were in a 4:3 (fullscreen) aspect ratio. DVD releases were in 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio.

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