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"Let's purify the universe."

Homeguard slogan

Homeguard was a paramilitary xenophobic Human group that opposed any involvement with alien races. The group had been growing in popularity on Earth by 2258. In that year, a leader of the movement was convicted,[1] members of this group attacked Minbari poet Shaal Mayan and Centauri nobles Kiron Maray and Aria Tensus,[2] and framed Garibaldi while they plotted to kill the President.[3]

With the rise of the Clark Administration, Homeguard was effectively absorbed by Nightwatch, Clark's own xenophobic paramilitary group organized by Mini-Pax. Note, however, that Clark's agent referred to Homeguard as "a bunch of misfits." In all likelihood this is because Homeguard was more of a "grassroots" organization as opposed to the more clandestine works done by Nightwatch and Clark's other agents.