ITF icon.png The following is based on Babylon 5: Into the Fire.

Hurr Gunship (also known as Hurr Gunboat) was the principal craft of the Androma Republic Naval Guard.

A product of the Hurr's relatively low-level of technological sophistication, the Hurr Gunship was considerably less capable than ships engineered by other more advanced races.

Similar to the Grome Corvette, the Hurr gunship was doomed before the first vessel rolled off the assembly line. A victim of the Androma Assembly's bureaucratic inefficiency and internal politics, the ship was redesigned to suit their political alliances, mandating changes that forced the builders to use of substandard systems, inefficient construction methods, and in the end the finished ships were unable to meet even the modest performance expectations of the originally intended design.

Typically, poor cooperation between Hurr vessels during engagement often leads to confusion in combat, with multiple ships congregating on the same given target. Despite that, even this very basic level of fleet cohesion was superior to that of the Grome and gave the Hurr a slight edge in their brief war with Grome in 2260.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The Hurr Gunship was designed by Luc Mayrand for unreleased computer game Into The Fire.

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