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The Hyach-do were are a humanoid species from the planet Shir-shraba, probably the local equivalent of the Neanderthal, coexisting with the Hyach until their eradication in the 15th century.[2]


The Hyach-do looked much like other Hyach except they had smaller craniums and had much more hair on their heads and faces.


Over a million years ago the two races were once one, but in about 1,000,000 B.C., the race that would become the Hyach-do broke away from the main evolutionary line. At first the two races competed for land and resources, then they learned to live together in peace. Throughout a period which must have lasted many thousands of years, there was interbreeding between the two sides that caused great controversy and scandal. All this changed in about 1062 A.D., when the Hyach race passed religious laws that made it immoral for one race to marry the other, then a criminal offence punishable by death. Soon the Hyach decided to solve their Hyach-do problem by killing them all.

They enacted a final solution that tracked them down and forbade anyone from harboring them or transporting them to other worlds, on pain of death, and those who attempted to leave the planet with alien ships were refused. Nothing is known of how they were killed, but the Hyach ambassador did speak of funerary pyres burning day and night. The Hyach exterminated all the Hyach-do in a process that took centuries to complete, and by about 1442 they had been completely wiped from the population. After the program of genocide was complete, the Hyach revised their history to conceal what they had done from other worlds, and even the Hyach-Do's very existence.

Ironically, later it was discovered that without the Hyach-do to share DNA with, the Hyach are slowly dying.

This discovery was eventually made public in 2262 when the Hyach Grand Council of Elders joined the Interstellar Alliance and submitted their medical records to Dr. Franklin, who uncovered the truth in 2262. Research into how to save the Hyach race was put into motion, but would take years, and it is not certain if it is even possible to save them.[3]


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