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The Grand Council of Elders is the governing authority for the Hyach race, based on their homeworld Shir-shraba.


Being a geritocracy, age is the supreme mark of leadership in the Hyach culture and the entire race is ruled by its elders. Foremost among them is the Ssh-Ba, a title which literally means "Oldest of the Old".[1] The Ssh-Ba is meant to represent the tradition and spirit of the Hyach race, as he or she is the one who possesses the deepest range of knowledge and experience. Advising the Ssshba is a Grand Council of Elders itself, made up of almost a thousand Elders, each a representative of the various towns, cities and rural areas of the planet. Though power struggles are not unheard of, for the most part the Grand Council has proven to be a very stable and effective government.


First developing interstellar flight almost 1,000 years ago, just after the last Shadow War, the level of Hyach technology is very high, though their genius and advanced nature is often belied by their seemingly simple way of life. The Hyach are in fact adept in technologies for computer, genetic engineering, agriculture, medicine, robotics, communications and exploration.


The Hyach are a peaceful people that do not value force and have no interest in conquest. Though their technological advancement means they have very formidable weaponry, ships, brilliant tacticians and are perfectly capable of strength and ferocity when it is necessary.


Though like most races they thoroughly exploit their system's natural resources, they have not chosen to colonize any other worlds.


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