ISA Covert Intelligence was the main intelligence gathering body for the Interstellar Alliance.


Covert Intelligence’s main purpose is to gather intelligence and keep tabs on potential threats to Alliance members, including other Alliance members. In the early days of the ICI, field operations were handled for the most part by the Anla'shok, with mission approval given by the Entil'Zha/Anla'Shok Na. Later on, the suggestion of Director Michael Garibaldi, the ICI began recruiting telepaths for intelligence gathering missions. The first group to be enlisted were volunteers from a group of Rogue Telepaths lead by Byron Gordon who had taken up residence in Babylon 5's Brown Sector.[1]


Covert Intelligence was formed by Garibaldi, who became its first head, with the approval of President Sheridan in early 2262.[2] It was limited to conventional methods until Mr. Garibaldi insisted on the use of telepaths.[3] The first telepaths were very useful but they were rogues and later rebelled against the Alliance, and so the use of telepaths ended for the time being.[4] Its first major job was investigating the attacks on the Alliance shipping lanes, which for a time was unsolvable. When proof of who was responsible began to surface, it acted decisively but unfortunately Mr. Garibaldi had become profoundly unreliable as he had begun drinking again. However, he did continue to serve as its head moderately effectively when war broke out between the Alliance and the Centauri. When Garibaldi’s drinking got him suspended, he decided not to return to his post regardless of his sobriety as he was marrying Lise Edgars and becoming head of Edgars Industries.[5][6] His position passed to former Mars Resistance leader Tessa Halloran.[6] While President Sheridan and Vice President Delenn took up residence in new facilities on Minbar around this time, Holloran remained on Babylon 5 because its status as a nexus of trade also made it an ideal nexus of information.

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  • While it seems likely that the ICI was forced to stop using telepaths following the incident with Byron's group, it's possible some of the survivors stayed on in some capacity (away from B5) rather than return to Earth-controlled space or go on the run again. Indeed, given Garibaldi's links to the Telepath Resistance, this may have been the case.
  • It's safe to assume that the ICI would eventually recruit telepaths from other races and with the dissolution of the Psi Corps following the Telepath War.


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